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It will be easier than ever to play dungeons and dragons


Everything you need to start playing right now with new one-on-one rules for one underground master and one player.

By Brandin Tyrrel

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Today, at DnDLive 2019: The Descent, Wizards of the Coast announced the D & D Essentials Kit, a new starter product designed to facilitate the launch of the Dungeons and Dragons game.

The D & D Essentials (pictured below) will include a new developed rulebook that will help those interested in playing Dungeons and Dragons by learning how to make symbols without the often disturbing amount of information contained in the three major rules. The suite includes 64-character rules to create symbol levels from one to six, from five different classes (the four emblematic classes and bards).



It is available for $ 25 at Target Stores North America on June 24, and anywhere else on September 3rd.

Like the Dungeon and Dragons starter kit that includes a selection of everything you need to start playing, the D & D Essentials Kit also features a new adventure called Dragon of Icespire Peak written by Chris Perkins, the Dungeons and Dragons designer principle .

The Icespire Peak Dragon is scalable for the levels of one to six characters and takes place in the same place as The Lost Mine of Phandelver (the adventure included in the D & D Starter Set). Both adventures can be played together or you can use one another right. The Icespire Peak Dragon is designed to be a beginner's adventure for the new Dungeon Masters, which will guide you through 14 different quest-related regions.

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D & D can be a frightening game for newcomers, but if you're curious to try, the Dungeons & Dragons starter kit is where to start. It includes rules, an adventure book, five pre-made symbols, six dice, and a character sheet – all you need to start your adventure.

The other element that can prevent people from boarding Dungeons and Dragons is to play other people. That's why the kit includes a new version of the one-on-one game rules where a Dungeon Master and a single player can run Dragon of Icespire Peak using assistant rules to fill a non-player game.

In addition to all of the above, the D & D Essentials includes a set of dice (including two D20 for the pros and cons and four six-way dice for scrolling statistics for your character) and a new DM screen with all the new art.

The box also contains a map of the city where the adventure is set, with a larger map showing the surrounding area on the other side. There is also a box of cards that includes things like magical items, reminiscent rules reminder sheets, helpers, and more.

D & D Essentials will be available for $ 25 in most Target stores in North America on June 24 before being released anywhere else on September 3rd.

Wizards of the Coast also announced the Baldur's Gate: Descent to Avernus today, the new adventure book, which is described as a combination of Hell and Mad Max: Fury Road.

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