Friday , July 30 2021

James Holzhauer is in Jeopardy's kernel for the game? Two former Canadian champions have joined in

The key: this danger Wiz won over $ 1 million in the long-running game show – but his style of play has created some horror among legions of fans of the show.

If your answer is "Who is James Holzhauser?" you're right.

Holzhaus won a big one with more than a dozen wins but many fans do not like his approach to the game – picking up clues from the bottom up with the hope of finding casual pairs and making aggressive bets when he finds them.

Two Canadian ex danger The champions, Matthew Church and Ali Hassan, say that Holzhaus's play, though unorthodox, certainly works.

Ali Hassan, who lived in New Westminster and studied at Surrey, won more than $ 67,000 for Jeopardy. (Jeopards!)

"The first thing a teacher told me today was what happened to you? How did you not win a million dollars? Hassan, from New Westminster, said about On the shore host Gloria Makarenko.

"It is very humbling to think that … you won three games and won $ 67,000 and then someone comes in and is average more than playing."

But the Church living in Calgary says that many of his patients – and his parents – tell him that they are not impressed by Holzhaus's unusual system.

"People are angry, do you know that they" choose and choose "to look for and find the couples, – said the Church.

– People just do not like it danger which I would never have imagined.

Matthew's Church poses together with Canadian (and host Jeopardy) Alex Trebek. (Jeopards!)

Hassan believes Holzhaus has found a system that works for him and he has to stick to it as long as he holds it in the game.

The church, on the other hand, argued that the high-risk approach to Double Pairs is not new and will ultimately turn.

"I think that will ultimately be his destruction.

How to Stop a danger enchanted like Holzhauer if you are one of his opponents tonight?

The church believes that a contender must emulate his strategy and bet on Double pairs to keep pace.

Hasan has a simpler idea.

"Do you remember Tony Harding?" he joked. – I'm glad I do not have to stand up against him.

Listen to the whole story:

Two former Jeopardy champions, based on BC, have given us an epopee take on the TV show by current champion James Holzhauer. 07:52

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