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James Wang will direct Aquaman Sequel if there is a good scenario

Jason Momoa as Aquamen.
Image: Warner Bros.

By the end of the weekend, James Wang Aquaman will become on the most successful superhero film by Warner Brothers and DC, who have ever produced together – a title she previously owned the black Knight, This would be a huge achievement for any director, but for Wan, especially given the recent rotation of the studio to focus on director-led projects.

Earlier this month, in an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. President Toby Emmerich explained this, and not trying To follow Marvel's footsteps with the traditional, shared cinematic universe, the future of DCEU will be largely determined by the visions of the various directors (such as Patty Jenkins and Ava Duverne) who lead the films. While many of the films will still be related to a story in the big scheme of things, what the studio wants is to do well first movies and later worry about the potential of a crossover.

p Aquaman And as such critical and financial success (worth over $ 1 billion), the studio already has every reason to follow up its new production initiative, especially with regard to the inevitable Aquaman continued. Apparently, Warner Bros. wants Wang to return to the second round, but according to Wang's office he is not sure he will get the project … yet … and there are several important reasons why.

By the end, Wan's team explained this while Aquaman the sequel is already technically under development, the director will not officially sign it until he sees a screenplay for the film he considers to be a useful successor to the first film. Considering how much AquamanDivine imagination, fantastic and honestly refreshing energy is a direct result of Wan's vision, it makes sense that he just wants to attach himself to a film that he thinks will give him the same kind of material to squeeze the creative muscles.

Now that the gravity gets into the studio to ensure that the script Aquamantracking is attractive enough to attract Van back, it will be interesting to see how all this is going on in the long run – both to see if Wang decides whether to give it another place, and ultimately to see whether his participation in the film will prove that the studio has the right idea of ​​how to finally give Marvel Studios a run for their money.

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