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Jason Momoa really wants to see Zack Snyder on the League's Justice

Aquaman star Jason Momoa does not step back when asked about Zack Snyder's cut Justice League, that he really wants to see him released. After the huge theater performance of the Justice League, DCEU obviously needed a break, and that's exactly what it is. At this time Aquaman put into the US, it would have been over a year The League of Justice united six of the most prominent DC heroes on the big screen for the first time.

Although it is strange to think about a film that has accumulated a total of $ 657 million worldwide, it has to be borne in mind that because of so many The League of Justice after Snyder withdrew from the project, the DCEU's coincidence attempt Avengers eventually costing more than the others in the franchise. Combine this with what keeps the dubious distinction of being the lowest excessive DCEU movie, and League of Justice the status of the flop becomes indisputable, no matter how many viewers could have liked it. There is no real excuse for a film featuring Jackson's Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman's "Sacred Trinity" not surpassing Suicide in the box office.

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For months, many fans of DC are leading a crusade with one goal: to convince Warner Bros. and DC Films to release the original Zack Snyder font The League of Justice. Although it is not known for sure whether Snyder's vision is exhausted, the director has done nothing but add fuel to the fire by regularly releasing material from his cut that does not make the theatrical version and even recently recognizes Snyder Cut directly for the first time. Now that we asked him about Snyder, MTV News during a promotion interview Aquaman, Momoah added her voice to the chorus. The actor first admitted that studio politics usually forbids people in their position to talk about such things, and then did so, enthusiastically expressing the desire to see Snyder Cut, full of dropping the F-bomb. Check the peace of mind below.

Another factor in the fact that Momoa is so straightforward is probably his respectful admiration and admiration for Snyder, who personally cast the actor like Aquamaman, and helped develop the identity of the DCEU character. Momoa has looked at some of the differences between Aquaman's story of Snyder's cut and Whedon cut before, and although he has never neglected Weden or offended the theatrical director, he never tried to conceal the fact that he prefers Snider's idea of ​​both the project as a whole and Arthur Kerry in particular. Here's the hope that eventually fans will see Aquamaman The League of Justice a trip for yourself.

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Source: MTV News

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