Sunday , January 17 2021

Jay reactivated in iOS with a subscription model and powerful performance features

Algoriddim announced a new generation of iOS DJ software called Djay. The company made some major changes to the program, including how you pay for it. The old version costs $ 20 on the iPad and $ 10 on the iPhone; the new version is free for both devices with optional subscription support. Subscription unlocks features such as access to sample and cycle libraries and support for many MIDI controllers from popular brands.

The program is designed for both amateur and professional DJs and allows users to mix music entirely in the application or through connected external hardware controllers. For an app, it was expensive, but it came with many features that picked it up in a professional software territory. Not only did it offer things like libraries and keyboard mapping tools to appeal to ordinary DJs but also had options that attracted casual users such as "nice" Automix AI that you could start at party in the house and leave yourself alone for the night.

Mobile view of Jay.
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All that was in the old Jay app is available in the new Jay app, but that's satisfying. It still pulls music from different sources on your computer, such as iTunes playlists. Spotify Premium integration is still around, but is refined: you can now save songs in your Spotify collection or playlists from the Djay app. You can still adjust the contours and points, arrange the tracks in different ways, and even have even more effects to apply when you are DJing. There are also video mixing options, as well as embedded transitions and javascript viewers. Of course, the app's visual interface has been completely refreshed. All the same distinctive characters that make it a real contender for pro DJ software are preserved, but are added to it.

New Function of Jake Looper for iPad.
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The automatic AI, the way of applying intelligent mixing of music alone, without human interaction, is still present. It has a new simple mix and promises that the software will be able to select songs and create "perfect sound mixes" between them by pressing a button.

There are also many new things to do with this version of Djay, which greatly enhances the app's capabilities for those who want to get out of the DJ labels. Now he has access to a library of over 1GB of samples, cycles, and FX from established brands such as Sugar Bytes and Loopmasters. To use these, the new sampler allows to record and sequencing cycles when mixed. Going forward, there is a new Network Looper with 48 slots that can be loaded with cycles that automatically stretch to match real-time rhythm. So you can use this at home to draw up song ideas or trigger these stitches and patterns during sets for more sophisticated performances. Also (yay!) There is a standard Ableton Link to sync tempo in compatible applications and devices on a shared network.

Using an external controller with Djay.
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Algoriddim has also designed the new Djay app about some of Apple's latest specifications. The iPad Pro USB-C port allows users to connect multiple devices at once, allowing for example, outputing the visual mix to a large screen while using an external controller. Meanwhile, the iPhone's Bionic A12 processor allows DJ and VJ to mix up to 10 video clips and real-time visuals without the need for a laptop.

In principle, as we said earlier, there is so much that this application can make it almost impossible to pass over all the specifications. And each edition makes it a more valuable tool not only as professional software but also for those who want to approach DJing from beginners. Here's where the new subscription model comes in: many of these new, more stable features the DJ would be interested in are only available if you pay for Jay's new project.

In a blog post, the company says it's changing to a subscription model to give more people access to the app so it's better for professional users. The free layer comes with the two-story Classic Mode for DJ and five effects, blending Automix AI, iTunes and Spotify integration, Ableton Link tempo synchronization and five controller support (Reloop Mixon 4, Beatpad and Beatpad 2, Mixtour and Pioneer DDJ- WeGO4).

The professional subscription level adds to custom playlists, including clever playlist filtering, multiple alternative views (such as four decks), VJ video mixing visualization, advanced MIDI mapping capabilities for controllers, Bluetooth MIDI, support for over 50 others controllers, multi-channel interface, advanced automatic AI and Looper execution mode.

The Algoriddim Djay app is now available on the iOS App Store for free. The new default subscription price for Djay is $ 4.99 per month or $ 39.99 per year. If you are an existing client of any version of Djay for iOS, Algoriddim will give you a special $ 9.99 discount. for the first year of your subscription.

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