Wednesday , January 27 2021

Jennifer Lopez and Will Smith almost pose in "The Star Was Born!"

Jennifer Lopez and Will Smith almost took the leading roles in Star was born remake instead Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga!

49-year-old singer El Anillo revealed the story during a new interview extra,

"Will and I talked about this, I talked about developing the script " Jennifer said. "Just never … the projects are such."

"I'm really proud Bradley, one for directing your first movie, "she added." We are friends and watch shy do something in the movie, it's just great. It's perfect. It happened. Just like this movie. Everything happens in their own divine time. "

I look JenniferComplete the interview below and do not miss it in your new rom-com Second act when she hits theaters on December 21!

Jennifer Lopez explains his past engagement with a remake of "The Star Is Born"

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