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Jina Gershon, head of the knife, is coming to life in Riverdale mid-season

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Completions of Riverdale you always feel strange, even relative to the normal out-of-body experience that watches this glorious, reasonably wise show. When the writers arrive at the final (or in this case, the mid-season finale), they have to get out of the season, which often seems to do it, as it moves under the guise of a carefully drawn long game. The last seven episodes have lifted and hurriedly dropped storylines as if they were delicious, melted Bagel Bites fresh from the toaster, but "Chapter Forty-Three: Outbreak" is trying to make everything look like part of the deed. And while this episode coincides with the opening of new worms with satisfactory closure, as a very useful final has to come, many of the final passages go out of nowhere.

But the way of action Riverdale it is historical to think about our own inconsistencies in logic, character consistency, or basic credibility by lighting the center of pleasure of the audience while we are not very hearty eyes – cat-emotions to understand what is happening. And the dear mother of God, they came with the immediate satisfaction of this episode, the words "mother of the god", of course, referring to Gina Gershon as a hard cookie, mother Gladys Jones. Like the living deity, Riley Cajru in her pitiful shortback step of the last weekly hour, once Showgirls star (I guess what handcrafted her from the fanatical show camp Roberto Aguar-Sacasa) disappears before we can even enjoy her presence. But just as the jump, when he congratulates his dear son Jude and all the older Archie Andrews, suggesting they are a couple, it's just dayenu,

Apart from the appearance of some star star stars, Archie's Jughead On The Lam! "For the story line driven entirely by the need to keep moving forward at any time, it has been quite inert from one week to the next, our boys are moving into a new one locals and troubles find them alone, and at least "Explosion" fills this template in its own fun way with the boys staying in the Jones family warehouse in Toledo.We get a little danger and functional emotional rhythm between a juggle and a mother who he sees how Jellybean – JB, Kid Kerouac! – is instantly thirsty for his brother BFF's browser because Archie's eyes are obviously emitting a pheromone that turns the female brains into oatmeal, and we get Gershon in a sharp kiss, mitigating the opinion of our prodigal son, muttering: "Well, what would make some stereotypes here and there, stimulating some wipes!" And she also has a great hat like Marlon Brando in Wild PrincessSo, think a lot.

Archie and Jugend continue with their lifestyle, their decision to go as the only element that distinguishes it from previous reps of this season. There are more things in the "back to the ranch" component, where Veronica and Sheryl Blosam share our task of trying to figure out the many knots of the plot that we had to swallow this year alone. – Narcotics, gargoyles, mysterious men in costumes and secret school board meetings. How is all this connected? "Veronica wonders." "I'm not sure," Reggie said, actually giving the lips to the people at home.

Unsatisfied with her seizure, along with four other vikings at the beginning of this episode, Veronica turns to Cheryl Blossom and Reggie (looking like her chances for a new contraction now that the conversation with Arley and Camilla Mendes meets Charles Melton in real life) their investigation to the end. Hiram and Hermione want to send her back to New York to rest – no wonder the city that never sleeps qualifies as an alternative to the endless drama of the Northwest Pacific, but no one can be so discouraged. She has seen enough Narrrrrcos to know what her parents are doing, and find that her path has once surpassed her caution. She goes in half with accusations that fall apart once suppressed, warning Hermione that the time left to end the game is diminishing and inadvertently vowing the city in the scene, watchIt's a devil's eleventh hour.

This is a pretty thin scheme, even on the V standards, although it capitalizes the hybrid chemistry between her and Cheryl Blosam. When these two cucumbers work on cross-purposes, the disaster is only certain, but together they are a force that we have to take into account. They do not get much of anything but hey, at least Cheryl arrives to maple syrup on his mother's water while the reef The silence of the Lambs. And press your high leg on the boys' soldiers dinner table. Veronica holds a straight face as she transmits the line "I'm talking about the missing Vixens, what of them?" Like so many Riverdale, the strictly filled room serves mainly to open up opportunities for free-standing joys. This time it works.

Although instantly the immortal moment "Ethelhead?" Last week's feed for gays and college topics for extratextuality, Betty's time, as the last normal woman in the madhouse, has not increased her potential. No one can shake her, and Ettel, which was a real pain in the treasure chest, after all, of high droplets of stones and her own power as a supposed favorite of the Gargola King. Everything that holds Jughead and Betty separately feels like an obstacle that needs to be removed, and their plan to make a break for it does not come a moment too soon. (LOTTA bold breakthroughs this year!)

Our galaxy has done pretty well with the vomiting of the brain stirrers the staff feeds on, but she does not intend to hold on till it gets better. Her exit strategy – and, to a greater extent, the show – requires the new unpleasant Etel to return to her preciousness before her stay, another quick concession, indicative of casual writing. But how angry we are in the scenes that give us the vision of a brilliant Betty like the Gryphon Queen?

There is some inconvenience as a team Riverdale erasing his own plaque, but everyone is back to where they belong with Archie's remarkable exception to the endless television curse of the serial hero who is his least interesting character. The Fandom consensus is that this season has become a rock start, and although they have made it more like a slap, the writers have moved to success in 2019. There is a new state in Riverdale, and although it seems like it will take some time until we get more than the low stakes I hold, so dear, that there is great hope for the future. For the show, that's it. Reddad is almost doomed.

Irregular observations:

– Hello! I am Charles Brameco and am indignant to take on the respectable Latotha Ferguson for the weekly rhythm for Riverdale, or as I have taken it, Hot Archie Who's crazy, (HAWF In short.) I love this deeply stupid show from the bottom of my heart and I look forward to guiding you through the rest of this season and beyond. My number one crushing in a cast is a tie between them all.

– In the opening of the Viksen River to walk along the corridor, who is Cheryl Blossom, who should kiss? We need to know.

– What readers will learn about me very quickly is that I have a lot of respect for the shame that Agir-Sakasa and the writers fetize voices and their heroes, unwavering slavery so powerful that it goes to religious worship. Though they would all have descended with the prophets of the sacred; a lively, helpless fit between junior soldiers in uniform is, for all intents and purposes, the first scene of porn.

Veronica mixes metaphors almost as much as she mixes vodka martini: "Last year I helped my parents turn their criminal network and good people like Archie were hurt, this year I will be flying in their ointment." Unless you want to fly in this analogy, in ointment or otherwise! Spiders rotate nets that catch the flies that they then eat, and even when the fly turns it into an ointment, it is stuck! Oily flies do not experience this experience! I think, Veronica!

– Yugheed pronounces "irreversibly" strange. [Hermione Granger voice] This is IR-RE-vo-ca-bly, not IR-re-VO-ca-bly.

"I like that when Veronica walks into her mother's office and shouts," Stop it! "The CDC did not stand on Riverdale Vis," Cheryl Blossom is about to support her with a punctuation "Fact!" I would like Sheryl Blosam to it keeps me going all day, letting go when I'm right.

– These are curtains for the band, while the Season 3 bag stood on January 16 with the eerie title "No Exit." Enjoy this month, happy holidays, and in 2019 it can bring more sophisticated teams, and a storyline that finally lets Jughead and Betty share the scene again.

Spoiler time!

"Look, I know these heroes are not a small part of both Agir-Sacasa and the federation to play their fantasies about adolescence, but what higher schools do they move together? As a step in their relationship? Will they soon be teen brides? Will we expect that we will not find this odd? If Cheryl Blossom and Tony Topaz really want to behave as if they were at the end of the twenties, they just need to go into cohabitation and discuss Buying Instant Pot or joking that they do not want to be one of those couples, strong battles in the IKEA or to share moments of humiliating intimacy as they gradually reveal to each other all their strange medical things.

– Speaking of Sheryl and Tony, a strong week of dialogue that reminds us that this show has writers in philosophy. "My four-column bed is your four-column bed" has just passed "While I'm the big spoon."

"It's supposed to be a serious, gloomy moment of the night, but there's an inevitable comedy about Archie's decision to paint her hair … to KJ. Natural Color of Apa. Here we hope this is not the show happiness moment.

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