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Just Facts of Proportional Representation – Cowichan Valley Citizen

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Only facts about proportional representation

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• Two referendums on electoral reform were held in the last 15 years: 2005 and 2009

• In 2005, 58% of voters wanted to move to the single voting system. It had to pass 60%.

• In 2009, support for the STV system fell to 39%.

Voting requests must be submitted by midnight on 23 November.

• Packages must be received from BC elections. until 7 December.

They can be returned by post or personally to the BC Center's Referendum Service.

• Duncan's only location is the BC Center service on 5785 Duncan Street

• A first-generation post-election system is used by approximately one-third of all countries.

• In some countries, some form of proportional representation is used.

• There are currently 87 MLAs. This number can be increased to a maximum of 95 if a new system is adopted.

• There are 3 295 023 registered voters in the province.

• From the morning of November 20, elections in the BCP have received 779,200 votes. This reflects approximately 24% of the vote.

• Of the 46515 registered voters in Cowichan Valley, on November 20, 6,880 ballots were voted, or 14.8% were voted in the BC election.

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