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Justin Bieber celebrates Thanksgiving as a married man

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Justin Bieber published that he had celebrated his first Thanksgiving Day as a married man.

He said to his 102 million followers: "Happy Thanksgiving to All First Thanksgiving as a married woman who was the first to thank me for the first time."

He added that "love is not always easy," but says he is trying, like Jesus Christ, to be more patient and selfless.

He confirmed for the first time that he was married to Haley Baldwin.

The two of them wonder that they married in New York court two months ago, but hey Baldwin denied her then.

But they said they had a very secret ceremony in September.

They unofficially confirmed their marriage in their social media comments last week when the singer "I'm sorry" called "my wife" Baldwin and the model changed her name to Heilly Bieber.

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In the thank-you mail, the 24-year-old also speaks of his faith.

"Thanks to Jesus for showing me how every day is a learning process, trying to be more like him, patient, kind, selfless, boy, I have a long way, but the gods are enough!"

This is not the first time he has posted about religion.

In July, when he wrote about his engagement, he wrote: "The time of the gods is literally perfect, we were dealing with the seventh day of the seventh month, the number seven is the number of spiritual perfection, the truth is GOOGLE!"

He added, "He who finds a wife finds something good and receives a LOVE from the Lord!" This is the year of good !!!! "

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Justin Bieber and Healy Baldwin at the St. James Park in September

Haley Baldwin shared a picture of Insgragram on her birthday.

She was 22 years old on 22 November.

She publishes a photo of her with a cake on her face kissing Justin with the words "very grateful."

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