Sunday , May 16 2021

Karan Johhar explains the impact of movies like 2.0, Baahubali will be on Bollywood


Director Karan Yohar, who strives to play drama science fiction 2.0 as a film distributor, says the southern film industry has made Hindi directors feel worse. Kararan interacts with the media at a press conference of 2.0 along with filmmaker Aksay Kumar and director Shankar on Saturday.

South Indian cinema is always ahead in terms of budget, scale and technology.

Asked about how Bollywood needed his game, Karan said, "I think the great movements of many of the filmmakers to the south have encouraged this movement even in the Hindi cinema. 2.0 and there was robotand a Baahubalithat there will be cinema glasses that will actually follow them. "

"We had courage, glory and courage to do it because we have seen success." In many ways, the South Cinema Industry has been a pioneer in this storyboard, emotion, scale, and technological breakthrough encounter with technology and technology for decades . "

Karan said the southern film industry has made Hindi directors feel worse, but in a positive way.

"Some of us get stuck in the track, we do not get out of this biking, we believe we're safe, but the truth is we're not." They taught us and made us feel worse in a good way. "

"I have said this positively because it encourages us to do much better, so far we have had very few big events over the last decade, mainly by director Sanjay Lila Bhanzali, who made beautiful cinema glasses, many of them thanks to the southern film industry. "

"So, more power, and maybe the power of technology, story, emotion and success are always with them."

Since Karan has collaborated with two major South Asian movies when asked if he will ever direct the South American film, he said, "No … I will always direct the films in the language I know because I believe I can justify the material very much but cooperation with their vision is something I hope to always do. "

"I hope I will have the opportunity to come to our movies at Dharma Productions, which are, of course, the best of the batch … I hope this will happen. I am someone who is a great fan of work of Shankar, I hope he returns all my films and then we can do it together.

2.0 is a science fiction action film written and directed by Shankar, co-author of B Jeyamohan and produced by A Subaskaran.

The film is a sequel to the Tamil film of 2010 Enthiran, and includes Rajinikanth, playing the role of Dr. Vaseegaran and Chitti, along with Aksay Kumar and Amy Jackson.

The film will be released worldwide on 29 November.

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