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Kentucky Derby: The Owner of Maximum Security Issues $ 20 Million To Competitors

Maximum security was the first post-Kennedy position in Derby

The owner of the maximum security of the disqualified winner in Kentucky Derby issued an extraordinary challenge of $ 20 million for his competitors.

Gary West offers $ 5 million to the owners of Country House, War of Will, Long Range Toddy and Bodexpress if one of these horses finishes in front of his hare next time he competes against him this year.

"Most experts agree that Maximum Security is the best horse in the Kentucky derby," West said, issuing the challenge.

"I do not care to discuss the controversy surrounding the race's racing and disqualification at this moment, but I firmly believe that I have the best three-year-old in the country and I'm ready to put money where my mouth is.

Maximum Security came out of the line of last turn and impeded the War of Will and Long Range Toddy, which led the stewards to lower the original winner to 17th.

Country House, an outsider with 65-1, was promoted to the winner of the $ 3 million race, which was seen by a crowd of 150,000 people.

If Maximum Security lost a rematch, West said he would pay, but his rivals would have to get out if his horse triumphed.

West said his offer had nothing to do with what happened to his horse in Kentucky Derby, where Maximum Security was disqualified after the stewards had agreed to interfere with the other horses' path at the last turn before the home.

Maximum Security, the 4: 1 favorite at Churchill Downs, was the first winner to be disqualified for a race accident on the 145-year history of the event.

According to West's statement, there are no restrictions on the type of race, location, distance or surface of the track, and the offer is valid only for the next time Maximum Security competes against one of the other horses.

The West will donate each of Maximum Security's profits to the Challenge to the Endowment Fund. If no owner accepts the challenge, he promised to provide the organization with 10% of future races for Maximum Security.

"I do that because I think it would be good for racing and a unique opportunity to bring more people into racing because of the increased interest in sport," he said.

US President Donald Trump is among those who criticize disqualification.

"Only in these days of political correctness such a rollover could happen, the best horse did not win Derby in Kentucky – it's not even close," Trump said. in Twitter