Thursday , December 3 2020

Kevin Durant – Wins will always work for the Golden State Warriors

OAKLAND, Calif. – Kevin Durant says he does not want the Golden State Warriors to lose focus after the first losses of four matches in the era of Steve Kerr.

After winning 125-97 from the Golden State over Portland Trail Blazers on Friday night, All-Star was hoping his team could keep the momentum they were creating and move it forward.

"I do not believe this will end when it's over," Durant said. "In the NBA, I do not believe in the fairy tales or the emotions that come in. It will not be over unless we go out there and put our will on the basketball court, as we did tonight, tomorrow for us. the same passion and energy that we played tonight.

"So I never believed that" will happen. In the end, we will win a game. "We have to go out and play and I think we've obviously been trying the last five games, but we did not get to the top, I think tonight we've gathered a full game and that's what we're going to do going forward, it will not just happen to us, we have to do it.

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Durant took part on Friday night, almost recording a triple double with 32 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists. After a two-week hit that Steve Curr recently called the toughest regular season in his term, including Steven Curry (s) and Draemond Green (toe) injuries, and a verbal alternative last week in Los Angeles between Durant and Zelenika who shook the team and led to the "Green" game being stopped for "team-friendly behavior," the warriors were happy to get out of the Oracle Arena victory.

"We just looked like ourselves," Kerr said. "The level of activity at both ends. You tend to block more pictures when you actually help, spin and fly to the ball, and you do more theft, we had 11 of them so it was just a really good night." Portland turned out to be heavy a schedule that is also coming back from Milwaukee over a long journey, these games are never easy to play, so I thought we had the edge of energy and we're obviously a little hungry after four consecutive losses.

The 11 blocks were high for the season, two of which were out of reserve for the second year Jordan Bell. After the match, the coaches and teammates praised the level of effort provided by Oregon during its 21 minutes of the bench.

"We just showed how hungry we are to win this game," said Clay Thompson of the Warriors All-Star after having scored 31 points. "Believe me, we were disappointed in the last four games, we heard it from you, we heard it from the fans, it's hard, but it's a long season so you saw in our energy tonight how badly we wanted to win. Jordan's fierceness at both ends of the floor was unbelievable. "

The warriors return to court on Saturday when they face Sacramento Kings.

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