Kevin Hart practically ran out of work when he turned to the criticism he received for some of his old tweets. Publications that are believed to be homophobic appear again online, with many social media users looking for comic excuses. Hart confirmed the situation and the disorder without offering any real signs of remorse. Although the artist will no longer host the Oscar Awards for next year, he still has a lot to celebrate.

The actor shot while on stage in front of a huge crowd in Australia during irony Reckless tour. He is grateful for his fans who have contributed to his two audio shows "to sell." His inscription reads, "Laughing in the world is forever a priority. Blessed being able to laugh internationally and do what I love. "Kevin seems to remain unprepared by the reaction and lost opportunity he is causing.

Comedians found themselves in defense recently. Nick Cannon pointed to the industry's double standards by re-casting the same offensive content published by white female performers that did not have any negative effects on women's careers. Tony Rock also took the time to explain the notion of humor as inclusion.