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"Kingdom Hearts 3" brings you closer than ever to the Disney world

Andy's bedroom is exactly what you remember.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is a wonderful reflection of the modern console and computer hardware. The extra horsepower allowed Square Enix to finally coincide with the visual precision of Disney's source material. Olympus looks fantastic and Pixar's worlds are almost indistinguishable from their filmmakers.

The first time I stepped on the floor of laughter Monsters, Inc. – the hangar room where Mike and Sully work – I dropped a sound. Everything was perfect, including the gates of the doors and the overworked jobs. You can also check these desks with the built-in gameplay mode. I must have spent 10 or 15 minutes watching each of them zooming to see if the team left Easter eggs (they had!)

Some iconized relocation sites, like Andy's bedroom, can not be missed Kingdom Hearts 3Others require little research. During the search in Port Royal, for example, I found the place where Elizabeth Swann fell from the beginning of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black PearlLater, I came across the dark cells in the prison, where Captain Jack Sparrow is often held by the Royal Navy.

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<p><center><span class=You can cross the road, but not along the neighbor's driveway.

Kingdom Hearts 3 also lets you explore places that are just spotted or hinted at in the original movies. I loved exploring Corona's docks, the jolly town where Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder travel Tangled – and peeks behind the garage of Andy's house.

However, every world has some obvious gaps. You can not travel to Monsters University, for example, or explore the Pizza Planet Restaurant from the first Toy Story movie. The cuts are understandable – to make such a game, Square Enix had to be selective and stick to maps that serve the history of every world. Still, I can not help wondering how the halls of Arendel Castle would look like Kingdom Hearts 3,

You will also find innocent passers – a rare in the Kingdom Hearts franchise – in some of the residential areas of the game. After you finish Big Hero 6 for example, you will see groups of people who are milling around San Francisco. Similarly, Theba is populated after rescuing the city with Hercules. The volume and variety of people pale in comparison to triple A blockbuster like Grand Theft Auto V and Insomniac Spider ManNevertheless, they are a welcome addition that strengthens history and makes every world feel like a real, vibrant place.

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<p><center><span class=Corona is a stunning city with market stalls and a mini-game dancing.

As I played through some of the new worlds, I could not help thinking that: "This is probably the best adaptation of a video game that will ever exist for this movie." I do not see Disney doing anything else Tangled or Monsters, Inc. video game, for example. If so, Kingdom Hearts 3and the work that Square Enix has done for many years of virtue is even more important and impressive. This is not just a great game, it is the best way, perhaps, ever, for Disney drug addicts to explore movies that are unlikely to get sequels and, hence, video games.

Breathtaking worlds are the realization of a long dream for many Kingdom Hearts fans: to play through levels that are visually indistinguishable with movies they hold so dearly. If, like me, you can not handle the strangely intertwined storyline and erudition of Kingdom Hearts 3, you can appreciate the artistic and technical achievement behind every world. It took some time, but Square Enix finally pulled out.

"Kingdom Hearts 3" launches January 29 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Photos: Disney, Disney / Pixar and Square Enix

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