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Lady Gaga defends the brave Card B against the backdrop of Grammy's victory

Lady Gaga and Cardi BThe newly-acquired friendship just took another big step.

In Tuesday Joan The artist entered Twitter to protect Cardi B, who faced the historic victory in 2019 Grams on Sunday. Gaga shared a photo of them with them, chatting and sharing a laugh at her ceremony praised the rapper for her craft, "It's hard to be a woman in this industry," Gaga writes. "What is needed, how hard we work through disrespectful challenges, just to make art, I love you, Kardi."

She continued, "You deserve your rewards. Let's celebrate her battle. Take it up and read it. She's courageous.

The duo of the winners became immediately BFFs on the show when Cardi went to A star was born actress and totally fan-girled. From this point of view, this feeling was completely mutual.

In 2016, Kardi wrote about Mother's influence on her. "When I was a teenager, Lady Gaga changed my life," she wrote. "She inspired me to be myself and to be different. It took only two years, but Gaga responded "I love you girl" to the exact tweed.

The "Bodak Yellow" rapper was the first female solo artist to win the best category of best-performing album that caused irritation and a mix of other emotions from music fans. Cardi bey Travis Scott, Pusha T, Nipsi Husle and Mac Millerin the same genre.

After publishing a couple of "thank you" videos on Sunday night, Kardi uploaded then erased a burdensome video that protects herself and her stubborn work. Violation of privacy,

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"You know what, it's not my style that people put other people on to raise someone else, that's not my style, and I'm not what I am, and I do not support that even though I take a lot today," Kardi told "I see a lot of bulls today and I have seen so much last night and I'm sick of this point." I work hard for my mother f – king album.

She discussed the difference in the reactions from this year to the last when she was nominated for "Bodak Yellow" but did not take home any prizes for the song. She confirmed in front of the camera: "Everyone was like," Kardi is crazy! Now this year's f-king problem? My album was double platinum, and every chart that my album always comes first, album number one!

Kardi gets pregnant with her baby Curie Kiri Kef, who was born on July 10th as he recorded and created the album. – I was on my feet, I got stuck in the studio for three months and then went to sleep in my bed sometimes four days – pregnant! – she said. "Some songs could not even get into the f-king album because my nose was so stunned by my pregnancy."

A huge number of rappers and musicians praised the 26-year-old youth on Sunday and Monday. Rapper's Chance called his victory "too deserved". Jay Cole picked up and wrote, "I never want to be supported by tearing someone else. Seeing Cardi b won Grammy to make me feel like he won.

Cardi has published many of these messages again. "I'm listening to my album and crying because I know damn that I went while the album is always bitter," she wrote along with Chance's screen. – Thanks to everyone who supported and listened to me. I am grateful and grateful and thanks again to all the artists who gave me a function.

Gaga spoke before he was a woman in the music world. She discussed the topic during her best original song about the film acceptance at. 2019 Golden Globe "As a woman in music, it's very difficult to get serious," she told the crowd at the Beverly Hilton Hotel at one point.

According to her 32-year-old singer, "Shallow" is related to communication and voice. she said during her Critics Choice Awards Speech: "This song is a conversation between men and women, ask each other questions about life and desire for greater depth of the shallowness of the modern age."

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