Wednesday , May 5 2021

Laval sets west to capture the title of the 10th Vanier Cup

QUEBEC – Rugue and Orgo Ugo's Richard finished with a career at Saturday's soccer-style university, leading his Laval Rouge et Or to 34-20 win over Western Mustangs in the 54th Vanier Cup.

Laval took revenge against the Mustangs, who ranked first, defeating Rouge et Or 39-17 last year's Hamilton national football championship.

This time, at almost ideal football time in November, Richard excited 12,388 fans in his hometown, ending 23 of 31 attempts for 348 yards and two touchdowns.

QB's fifth year also ran for 60 yards and a score.

Laval won 10 cups of Vania in the 26-year history of the program. West hoped to add eight titles and keep a string of successive series of 23 teams.

This was the third time Laval and the West met in the Vaniers Cup. Rouge et Or won the first game in 2008.

Western QB Chris Merchant finished 26 of 46 passes for 358 yards and one touchdown but was captured three times.

Laval led with 10: 0 after the first quarter and appeared 17-13 in half before closing the strike of Western, while the 10-minute mark of the fourth.

The merchant struck Cole Myryos with a 25-yard touchdown, leaving two minutes to reduce the deficit to 14. But the attempt to return was definitely stopped when Heil Mee from Dealer was captured at the last minute.

Laval climbed 34-13 when Alexis Kote sank over the door in just over five minutes.

Rouge et Or scored a minute in the match, and Richard hit Vincent Forbes-Mombleau with a 46-yard pass in the final zone. The merchant also started well with the 26-yard finish of Mayorishi but was captured by Maxmy Lavallee of Laval with a 31-year-old return. David Cote from Laval made a ceremony during the subsequent ride.

The second quarter began with the western invasion of the 10-yard Laval area run by Cedric Joseph. Two graduations from Merchant put Mustangs on the door line, and Joseph walked in the final zone untouched.

Richard threw Jonathan Breton's 27-yard pass to win the next drive, then hit Benoit Gagnon-Brousseau with a 22-yard to win 17-7. The West went deep into its own zone, playing the third and inches to continue the strike before Kicker Mark Lighi hit a 36-year goal.

Legjigo rebounds an 18-year goal in a goal, with one second remaining in the first half to leave the score 17-13.

The opening of the West in the second half shattered after a loss and an incomplete pass. Richard advances Laval with his own 11-yard move and charges for TD on the next game for 24-13.

The West had a chance to cut Laval's leadership position at the end of the third quarter when Rouge et Or dropped a goal-goal.

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