Sunday , May 9 2021

Liberals call for an urgent debate on the crisis in legislation

The leaders of the opposition leaders of Victoria – BK called for an urgent debate in the legislature about whether MLA had the necessary information when they voted to stop the secretary and the sergeant-gun last week.

Liberal MLA Mike de Dong said a unanimous vote on MLA last Tuesday to stop employee Craig James and Sergeant Gary Lenz was made without the knowledge that President Darryl Plexas is conducting a secret investigation into the two men or that he intends to try installing his assistant who is who carried out this investigation at one of her workplaces.

De Jong said the crisis that has since been created is "unprecedented in the life of the institution," and he suppresses Pleasus that James and Lenz have retreated from the building under a police escort, suggesting in a speech to the legislature that he did so in order to try to damage their reputation.

He has been disturbed to watch the "spectacle of seeing them coming out of the building by police officers … in a way that has been honestly designed to create a maximum degree of public humiliation and inconvenience."

De Dong's decision made Pleks pull away from the speaker's chair. If this is allowed, it will allow MLA to look into problem-free issues, he said.

Nonetheless, NDP leader Mike Farnworth and Green Leader Andrew Weaver have opposed the extraordinary debate, saying it would be inappropriate, given a CMPM investigation and two special prosecutors looking at men.

Vice President Raj Chuhan will take a decision later on Monday.

The debate on urgent debates was the last move of the deepening crisis in the legislature. The officer and the sergeant are the senior non-party employees in the legislature. Their work must be protected from political interference and their removal is unprecedented.

Plexas also refuses Monday to hold an extraordinary meeting of a governing board of all parties to control the building, saying it would be inappropriate during the police investigation.

However, Plexas wrote a letter to the three party leaders, defending his actions and saying that all MLAs agreed at a private meeting with him, "it would not be expedient for these permanent officers to continue in the assembly in the face of an active criminal investigation into their actions related to the meeting. "

"The work of these officers is essential for the legislative assembly's operations and discussions," says Plexas. "They have a unique trust and confidence in the house, and they have the right to a presumption of innocence in any criminal process, but the reality of an active criminal investigation into their permanent office officers can not be neglected by the house."

Plexan said he had received legal advice from a labor law specialist and rejected the idea that the two men took voluntary administrative leave due to the risks. He also said that removing people from the building without prior warning was designed in this way as the only realistic option.

James and Lenz's lawyer questioned whether Purcass as a spokesman had the right to investigate permanent officers by hiring his assistant to carry out a secret seven-month investigation into the two men who are not even aware of the MLP.

"While much is being done to use the word" investigation ", the fact is that once serious attention has been paid to the President's attention, I was also entitled to follow up and report to the police concern if there is good reason to be concerned about the criminal activity, "Pluto wrote in his letter Monday.

"I understand that the police should investigate crime, but I also admitted that I should not go to the police without reasonable care and have good reasons to do so."

James and Lenz are expected to turn to the media at noon on Monday.

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