Wednesday , November 25 2020

'LIGHT ON PENIS': Kate Beckinsale credits flawless looks to foreskin facials

Kate Beckinsale's credits liquified foreskins for her flawless complexion.

The 45-year-old actress shared a bare-faced Instagram snap on Saturday as she told fans about the facial wonder she had been given by British-born beautician Georgia Louise.

"After a long flight I like to lie down and be covered in a mask of liquified cloned foreskins – Frank who does not?" Beckinsale started her post.

Thanking Georgia, who has a salon in New York, for the "amazing facial", Beckinsale added: "I especially liked you reassuring me it would be 'light on the penis' as it was my first time."

The 'penis facial' works by using a serum made from stem cells cultivated from the foreskin of Korean babies. These cells, which are thought to activate aging cells, help to boost collagen production, helping wrinkles and fine lines to disappear.

As Korea has a custom of circumcising their young male infants, they have a large supply of foreskins and numerous stem cell banks, which are then used to export the cells worldwide.

Explaining the treatment on her menu, Georgia states: "The facial includes a cleanse, followed by an intensive TCA peel, a micro-needling machine, and an electrifying mask to calm the skin, followed by her 'secret box' of EGF serum (epidermal growth factor). EGF is derived from the progenitor cells of the human fibroblast taken from the Korean newborn baby foreskin – which helps to generate collagen and elastin … This process enables the active ingredients to be transported deep into the skin by creating temporary micro-channels. "

Other fans of the treatment include actress Sandra Bullock, who hilariously nicknamed the 'penis facial' during a recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

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