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Lori Loughlin reported she was "shocked and sad that this would be her heritage"

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Laurie Lawlin He is reported to be concerned about his inheritance in the college acceptance scandal. Yes, that's what she's concerned about, even though she is not guilty of a scam of letters and a conspiracy of money laundering last week.

As a refresher, the first control printing baby wanted her daughters to come in University of Southern California so bad that she and her husband-fashion mogul Mohamed Janouli claims to have paid around $ 500,000 for falsely identifying his daughters for recruits, despite the fact that they did not participate in the crew.

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All this, new people The source said the 54-year-old actress and Janouli are very concerned about their good names, despite potentially facing up to 20 years in prison for each charge if they are convicted!

The trustee shared Laurie's problem with the accusations that overshadowed her career:

"Laurie is shocked and saddened that this will be her heritage."

If you missed it earlier this week TMZ revealed that the protection of the couple would be based on the argument that they did not have an "idea" Rick Singer would have bribed coaches at USC to bring the couple's daughters there.

You have no mercy! Things do not look great!

The source went on and stayed with the latest story where the pair apparently did not know what was going on with their $ 500K:

– Read the complaint and look like criminal leaders, but they really did not know the lawfulness of what happened. They are not lawyers and are not experts. They were parents who just wanted to make sure their daughters were in good school. Calling services, donating money to the alumni association, hiring consultants. These are all things parents do. So, they gave money to this consultant, who did not fully know everything that was going to be done. When everything broke down, no one was as surprised as they were in trouble.

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Strangely enough, they could give half a million dollars to someone and not know where he is going – but I think ANTON BECI CAN!

The source continues:

"She never intended to break the law, and if she did, it was unintentional.

Righttttttt ….

This coincides with another idea that both Laflin and Jannule felt manipulated throughout the process.

In the last note, inside information is disclosed:

"[The couple is] very focused on obtaining the lawsuit. Later, they can deal with careers and finances. Right now, they have to deal with increasing protection while still negotiating for any kind of deal. Everything else is secondary. In particular, Lori is very focused. Now it is very meaningless.

Think of all this madness, Perezasi readers! The whole "Operation: Varsity Blues" is a privilege of the next level f ** kery!


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