Friday , December 4 2020

LSU's Kevin Folk takes part in an attack on Steve Kragtorp's attack after Texas A & M's wild game

One of the wildlife, including the seven matches between LSU and Texas A & M, emerged shortly after Aggies 74-72's victory when LSU analyst Steve Kragothp, who had Parkinson's disease, was hit by a person holding A & M, Skip to collide.

A shouting match broke out at the shot, and Faulk, the former LSU, who was the director of the player's development team, was shot, mixing it with the man who had never been identified until now and was deemed to have hit. Numerous sources have told that A & M coach Dameyune Craig, who previously took the same position in the LSU in 2016, threw his headphones to Tiger Staff members and challenged them to fight as they approached to the bench of the team, crying vulgarly.

Kragothp, who had not been hurt, was an offensive coordinator of the team before he was diagnosed, and since then was an offensive analyst for Ed Orziron's team.

Officials for both schools say they are watching the incident. Gordie Rush, reporter of the LSU radio station, claims, according to the lawyer, that the man wearing the red shirt is the one who left after Kragothp. This guy is not Cook. The videos showed that the unidentified person spoke with A & M Jimbo Fisher's trainer on the way to the dressing room tunnel; Fisher told reporters later that he did not know about the incident.

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