Sunday , January 24 2021

Mann, other Huawei executives face 13 counts in the US.

The US Department of Justice announced 13 criminal charges against four executives from China's telecom giant Huawei and Skycom Tech.

Huawei Executive Director Meng Wanzhou, who is currently on bail in Vancouver since the United States is seeking extradition, is among the accused.

US Chief Prosecutor Matthew Whittaker said on Monday that the great jury in New York has recommended the charges.

He said the 13 charges of bank and bank fraud relate to Huawei's claim that his subsidiary, working in Iran, Skycom, is a separate, unrelated company. As a result of this request, she managed to borrow money from banks in the United States.

Skycom, which is based in Hong Kong, has been doing business in Iran on behalf of Huawei, he says.

"Huawei said Skycom is a separate company, not a subsidiary, and claims that its entire business is in line with US sanctions," Whitaker said.

In August 2018, the US again imposed sanctions against Iran.

Current Prosecutor General Matthew Whittaker has filed charges against Mun and other Huawei executives. (Charlie Nebergall / Associated Press)

He confirmed that the United States is seeking Meng's extradition and will formally apply for extradition by Tuesday, the Canadian deadline.

Whittaker and FBI Director Christopher Wei also thanked Canadian officials for their help.

The justice ministry also announced 10 additional allegations of corporal fraud, theft of trade and the impediment to justice against two other Huawei executives who claim to have tried to steal business secrets.

He says the two executives have tried to steal robotic technology from US carrier T-Mobile to test the durability of smartphones.

Whitaker said they are not "dishonest employees" who act alone, but the theft of intellectual property is a "way of doing business" encouraged by Huawei herself.

Washington said she wanted to try Mung on the charges because, as Chief Financial Officer, she spoke directly to American banks that gave out money.

She was arrested in Vancouver on 1 December while traveling from Hong Kong to Mexico.

B. The court will determine whether it will be extradited.

Meng's arrest broke up a steady diplomatic furor that sparked Sunday in John McCallum's shooting as Canada's ambassador to China after publicly expressing confidence in her ability to fight for extradition to the United States.

The news of the charges comes just when the White House plans a team of highly qualified economic advisors to meet with a delegation from China later this week to discuss trade between the two countries.

US Trade Representative Robert Lahtiser, Finance Minister Stephen Munchin and Trade Minister Wilbur Ross will take part in the two-day talks that began on Wednesday, along with President Larry Kudlow's economic advisor and Trade Advisor Peter Navarro.

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