Monday , June 21 2021

Matt Riddle defeats Cassie Ono in NXT TakeOver: Phoenix

Things started well for Matt Riddle in a meeting with NXT TakeOver: Phoenix vs. Cassius Ono. Riddle caught Ono aside, struck him with a flying elbow of ring-shaped steps, and headed for the dead Onoo in an impressive feat of power.

Veteran Cassi Ono; however, he will eventually conquer the momentum of the fight, and when he did, he began to annoy Riddle and continue to brutalize the former MMA star with a series of foreheads and rear throats before stepping and biting Riddle's fingers (yes, he ate the fingers its). Then Ohno continued to throw Riddle first into the rings.

It will not be long; however, before a bloodthirsty Mat Riddle regained momentum, hitting Ono's splendor.

After being hit by repeated MMA style elbows, Ono would eventually surrender and Riddle was named the winner.

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