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Max Holloway defends the crown in MMA matches

In a sport where many fighters are still uncomfortably round with a seven foot space between them and the opponent, then the wings with full power while trying to move in the opposite direction, Max Holloway's comfort in trade can be considered for superpower. It took time for Holloway to work on Brian Ortega and start coming out of the ring. The first round was a beating, and Holloway just did the same, more intense, every round afterwards.

Of course, one thing everyone knew was coming into this fight was that Brian Ortega was an opportunist, not a perfectionist. In fact, Ortega had not convincingly won a round of years before fighting Salza Swanson. Ortega makes pictures, lands a few of hers and then finds the final, it seems from nowhere. This struggle would always be the man who can find the finish at any time against the man who is getting stronger in the course of the battle.

The lack of skill was evident before the battle: Ortega found its players as a striker, and Holloway has already become one of the best ever to compete in the UFC. Things that Ortega was doing – trying to get off their backs and move, would work against the smaller assailants, but Holloway had nothing.

From the exit, Holloway's shot interrogated Ortega and pulled out his intentions from him. If Holloway tapped and Ortega retired, a second strike would cover Holloway's second step and his right hand fly to Ortega's head or body at the end of it. Each time Ortega smiled, the second step would never come, but the right hand would sneak earlier. And when Ortega went to the shoulder we discussed, he did not work against Renato Moychano-Holloway, he would pierce him deeply into it and then clutter him with his right hand.

Both were the food that Holloway was feeding with Ortega for the greater part of his five hundred strokes in this fight, but there was also a lot of variety. Holloway is one of the best in MMA history when reaching his opponent's body. Where Takanori Gomi and Fedor Emelianenko are pioneers in the body of MMA, nor did they attack the science box Holloway used to sneak in. In addition to the broad rights and rights of the body, Holloway will often throw a left-handed shot, requiring serious skill and an indicator of the reaction of his opponent.

A beautiful sequence of battle in which Ortega leaves offline in an exaggerated shoulder shoulder (frames 1 and 2), exposing the ribs and kidneys to his right. Holloway stands out with a bumper (frame 3) before dropping into a body fired with his left hand (5). Ortega returned with a hook that was not enough. ( Gif )

Leaving, nap, right hand was the bulk of the Holloway battle, but there were so many small switches, angles and femmes that we have no chance to cover them all here. One great thing about Holloway is that his game is built around pushing pace but not at the expense of his own protection. The player easily has a great sense of when to take advantage of his or her best interests and when to take a step backwards to resist. And being a well-trained boxer, Hollowe rarely takes two steps back, instead of being a short retreat and an angle of forty-five degrees, looking for the right counter.

Now, for the most part, Ortega is punished for its unjust blow. He would bend too far or dive too weak when he showed the first or second puncture, and then his right hand would break him until he stepped out of position. But Ortega showed that although he was not polluted, he certainly has a mind for the striking game as he put some cunning traps for Holloway. In the first round, realizing that Holloway would follow with a double strike if he gave land, Ortega departed from a south foot in an orthodox position and broke Holloway with a counterpoint similar to the one who shook Frank Edgar.

Likewise, Ortega used her shoulder to try to attract Holloway upwards. This elbow strike was made known by Anderson Silva, who used it to defeat Tony Frickklund. Silva made it to lead Freakland, with a trapped hand, but at the end of his career, Silva realized that the technique was even better off the shoulder where his lead was low and the opponent was likely to strike. Ortega actually did not catch Holloway with this elbow, but Holloway had to slam the brakes to avoid getting out of it.

Ortega's most successful elbow came when he collapsed in defense. Holloway was cautious when he was leading, but he could slip into the counter. Once he entered with one or two, Ortega went to one of his deep, casual sheets to avoid a counter, and just as Max thought he had the perfect shot, Ortega turned to the back of the elbow that took off Hollowey's head.

Ortega's attempts to take down were decent, given that he had only one career in the UFC, but Holloway was a sharp defender. Holloway always nurtured Ortega with one of his legs, either limping up, or jumping on the fence and dragging Ortega up. Ortega made several good attempts to remove Holloway and catch a front, but as soon as Holloway was out of balance, he climbed up and stood tall as his life depended on him. In the fourth round Ortega won such a battle that it urgently pursued the overthrow. One experience noticed that Holloway would turn and enter the mountain, but even as bitter and tired as Ortega, in that brief moment on the ground, Ortega's ability was shining. His hands went directly into Holloway's armpits, pushed him over his head, and his legs replaced them to get out of the hook.

The fight was removed by the physician before the start of the fifth round. This was merciful, as Ortega absorbed over three hundred strikes in the previous four rounds and was swollen, a bloody mess. But there is no doubt in the heart of Brian Ortega, who was quite ready to go out and take another hundred strikes to look for a perfect elbow or collapse.

The stunning Ortega looked amateur against Holloway, but Ortega still has plenty of time to improve. His stroke has become a jump and ending in his short UFC term so he can now take the best Holloway shots for four rounds will probably give him more confidence to experiment and feel comfortable under fire. If he can use this confidence to bend defensive holes and tighten his form, he can hinder even the better offenders in the division. And do not forget that jiu jitsu is what Ortega is known for, despite the almost total lack of downloads. He is so lacking in Ortega's play and he has it still make it so far. With attention in the right regions, there is certainly a lot more to look forward to.

For Holloway, the next step is unclear. He has only defended his crown with light coat twice, but has already fought most of the tops of his feathers. If Frankie Edgar can successfully launch another title, there will always be an audience for Holloway against Edgar. Holloway's crap is light, though Dana White has expressed her desire to see Holloway there. Max recently missed a dispute over the title with Habib Nourmagomedov a couple of months back, but there is also a prospect of revenge with Connor McGregor, who will surely gain a great deal of interest and give Holloway a huge winning day. Either way, it's great to get Holloway back on track and look so perceptive after the disturbing symptoms that got him out of Ortega's original fight in July. Holloway is one of the best who ever played this game and every time you step into the cage, it's a joy to relax and have fun.

This article originally appeared on VICE Sports USA.

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