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Max Holloway knocks Brian Ortega on the way to TKO at UFC 231

Toronto – Athletic Champ Max (blessed) Holloway, who returned from the traumatically affected year, dominated the suspension of No. 1 Bryan (T-City) Ortega through TKO at UFC 231 on Saturday night.

The battle was removed by the physician after four rounds. Ortega's left eye was almost closed, his face a bloody mask. This is proof of Ortega's firmness that he has done so far.

The stunning skills of the champion were too great for Ortega. The rival, who gathered in the third, could not take Holloway down or use his beloved jiu-jitsu.

Holloway improved to 20-3-0, while Ortega fell to 14-1-0 without a single race.

Bullet Shevchenko, a native of Kyrgyzstan who fought Peru, has overtaken a game but has overtaken Poland's Joanna Djerjayic from Poland for the title of "free woman" of free women at the main event of the Scotiabank Arena sold.

Shevchenko won a unanimous five-fold decision (49-46, 49-46, 49-46).

"I've been waiting so long for that moment," said Shevchenko, 30, said.

Ortega, the pretender number 1 and the completed Brazilian black belt jiu-jitsu, entered the DMX arena "X Gon" Give it to Ya. "The blessed express came after Holloway's Hawaii went to Lil's" Game Over " Flip and then from "Hawaiian Kickboxer" by Moke Boy.

A five-round fight started at 12:38 ET.

The crowd started singing "Holloway, Holloway" when the two of them crossed. Ortega scored with a strike when the champion came forward and touched the elbow. Relaxing Holloway has begun to find its astonishing distance and is pushing down as the round ends.

Ortega's nose began bleeding abundantly in the second, like Holloway's shots. Another drug addict was dismissed and Holloway hurried to hinder his opponent. The two exchanged words after Holloway's dominating round.

Ortega went back to the third one, coupled with hits, and nearly pressed Holloway to the ground. The crowd began singing T-City. Holloway struggled with punishments until Ortega's face ran out.

When Ortega contacted, Holloway nodded, as if to give him a requisite. Ortgea showed he could take a shot.

Holloway danced in the fourth and then hit Ortega on the fence. He took it later in the circle until the punishment went on.

Holloway, 27, won his last 12 duels after the loss in August 2013, taking the decision of The Notorious McGregor.

This was the first match of the champion on 2 December 2017 due to a variety of health problems.

Both 145 pounds were initially scheduled to meet at UFC 226 in July, but Holloway was forced to withdraw at the last minute because of what was considered a "concussion as a symptom."

The ankle injury made Holloway come out of the match against former lightweight champion Frankie (The Answer) Edgar of UFC 222. Ortega fired for Holloway, won by TKO's spectacular first round.

Holloway also missed the match with current lightweight champion Hibib Nurmagomedov in UFC 223 in April (after Tony Ferguson withdrew with knee injury), pulling him down.

The very shortcoming of Ortega's 27-year record was the victory over Mike de la Torre in 2014, which was changed to an uncompetitive contest after a positive test for steroidal drostatinone. The California parent was removed for nine months and fined US $ 2,500.

Ortega apologized for the failed test, saying he had taken the drug to help reduce it.

Jedrzejczyk (15-3-0) and Shevchenko (16-3-0) are campaigns in different weight classes. Jedrzejczyk holds the title "strawweight" at 115 pounds until September 2017 when it is defeated by the Namudunas Rose in Edmonton. Shevchenko lost the decision to split the Nunes Brazilian Amanda in November 2017 for the crown with a pound weight of 135 pounds.

Saturday night they met in the middle of 125 pounds.

Shevchenko looked bigger and more intense, taking Jedigechik a day into the battle. Jerjackchik returned to his feet, but could not judge his early distance.

As she tried to find her, Shevchenko was content. Shevchenko made Gerjackchik fall to second place, gain side control and broke down as the round ended.

Shevchenko came to the third, bloody nose of Jerzczacki. Jedrzejczyk was shot down again in the fourth.

The main card opened with a bang because the Brazilian Thiago (The Sledgehammer) Santos, a former middleweight, stopped the English Jimi (Poster Boy) Manuwa, which ranks 9th among the mild heavier weights in the second round of wild muddy trash from 205 pounds it was that the crowd roared.

The first round was a five-minute hard hit with the two fighters and no problems. Santos (20-6-0) caught Manuva on the fence early in the second round and continued to hit until Manuva (17-4-0) dropped and the judge stepped in for 41 seconds in the tournament.

Santos, who has a tattoo on his chest, is now 12-5 in the 10-knock UFC.

"I feel great as I moved to 205," he said. "This is my division and I will be a champion."

Calgary featherweight (Middle) Hakeem Dawodu, the only Canadian on the main card, won a split decision (28-29, 30-27, 30-27) over the American Kyle (Crash) Bochniak.

"I was quite surprised when they announced a split decision," Dawood said, reflecting the feelings of many observers.

"I had a victory though, and I felt dominating it, so that's all I can want," he added.

The strategic struggle that struggled almost completely on its feet was unlucky to come after the Santos-Manuva scandal, a heavy act to follow. But Dawodu improved to 2-1 in the UFC with a controlled performance that crosses Bochniak.

The Canadians went 2-3 on the podium with Elias (Spartan) Teodorou and Brad (Superman) Katona and the two winning decisions. Kyle (Monster) Nelson, Chad (pupil) Lapris and Olivier Aubin-Mercy lost.

Icelandic Gunnar (Gunni) Nelson, who ranks 14th among welterweights, showed his elite grappling skills in stopping Brazil No. 13 Alex (Cowboy) Oliveira.

Bearing his cowboy hat, the lucky lucky Oliveira (19-5-1 with two without races) was broadcasting magnificent fans and dancing to the cage. His mood – and his face – changed in the second round when Nelson (17-3-1) took him down, pulled him out, pulled him out with his elbows and then locked himself on the rear naked throttle to end it in 4: 17.

Nelson connects Chris Lutz for most of the winners in the UFC welterweight story with six.

This was the UFC's first UFC visit to UFC 206 in December 2016 when Holloway defeated the UTFC's UTFC title. Then he pulled Jose Aldo to unite the title.

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