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McDavid wins the fastest skater, but female star Kohn Schoelde steals a show

Connor McDavid won the skater's fastest race, but Kendall Kohn Schofield won the crowd.

The US women's hockey star became the first woman ever to compete in the NHL all-star race on Friday night, competing around the rink at a time competing with the best skaters in the men's barbecue hockey match.

"The crowd is electrifying," said Cohen Shofield. "To hear the chants of the United States, they all broke up when I started. Definitely gave me some inertia and the adrenaline is pumped.

Kohn Schofield was the first skater to take the ice and finished his lap for 14,346 seconds, impressing the NHL's biggest stars with its speed.

"When he came out, I was like," Wow! "McDavid said after winning his third fastest race." I thought she might have won the way she was moving. She was a really good skater and it was an amazing thing for the game to see her take part in such an event. "

WATCH | Olympic Kendall Cohen makes history:

The Americans made history on Friday, becoming the first woman to compete in the NHL skill race when competing around the ice in the race for a faster skater. 01:11

26-year-old Coin Shofield played for Minnesota Whitecaps from the National Women's Hockey League and won an Olympic gold medal for the United States last February.

Earlier Friday, she realized she would get the chance when Nathan McCinnon of Colorado was injured and took full advantage of the opportunity. Earlier, she was invited to participate in all the stars at the weekend with other female American and Canadian team players, but she was now able to participate in the big stage.

"My first impression was that I could do that," she said. "My speed was definitely my strength, I was a bit nervous, I knew it was a moment that could break many barriers and a moment that would change the perception of our game and show support for our game."

She finished seventh in the eight skaters, defeating Clayton Keller's 14-526 seconds.

"She beat me, so he does something right," Keller said. – She's very fast. I was surprised. It was great to see this. It was a great NHL experience to make her make this event.

McDavid sneaked last and finished his lap for 13,378 seconds, wrapping Jack Eichel (13,582) to Buffalo and Matthew Barzal of the New York Islanders (13,780).

WATCH | McDavid wins the fastest skater:

The captain of the Oilers competes with his 3rd consecutive victory in the fastest NHL skater race, surpassing the field with a time of 13.378 seconds. 01:15

The other winners in the NHL for all stars on Friday evening were Johnny Gauer of Calgary in New York Rangers Henrik Lundquist's Race Race, Edmonton Leon Draissay in Washington Premier John Carlson. shot and Boston David Pastrank for accurate shooting.

Gaudreau narrowly defeated Patrick Cain in Chicago in the Pulse Control Competition, as they were among the only players who went through the course without an accident. Gaudreau finished the course for 27,045 seconds, defeating Kain's time of 28,611 to repeat his title a year ago.

WATCH | Gaudreau returns to the puff control relay:

Goudron's time of 27,045 is more than enough to make him a re-champion in the NHL puck control relay. 01:22

Lundqvist stopped 12 deviations in a row to win the rescue series race. Lundqvist threw his hands in honor after stopping John Tavares for his ninth rescue in the lead, led by Andrei Vassilevski for Tampa Bay for the first place.

WATCH | Lundqvist takes the title of the rescue series:

The Rangers goalkeeper has made 12 consecutive rescues to steal the title of "Remember" by Mark-Andre Fleur. 02:55

Leon Dresaill from Edmonton finished the race at 1: 09.088, defeating Sebastian Aho from Carolina.

WATCH | Draisaitl wins the crossing competition:

Oilers attacked the Premier NHL at 1: 09.088. 01:28

Carlson defeated Brent Burns' local favorite fan for the toughest shot, recording the fastest two times at 102.8 mph and 100.8 mph. Burns missed the net on his first attempt and had the next fastest time on his second attempt at 100.6 miles per hour. Carlson's Alex Ovechkin won the race last year.

WATCH | Carlson has the heaviest shot:

Captainlis defended the title of "Heaviest Shooting" after firing his watch at a speed of 102.8 MPH. 0:23

Pastrnak finished the drill in 11,309 seconds to beat Chris Letton of Pittsburgh, which had a time of 12,693 seconds.

WATCH | Pastrnak travels to the exact crown shooter:

David Pastrnak travels to the Victory of Accuracy 0:46

Toronto's Aston Matthews drew great applause by pitching his teammate Patrick Marlo, longtime San Jose Shark, but finished last in the race when he halted shortly after struck just four of the five goals.

WATCH | Matthew vows Marlo:

The Maple Leafs' progress, Austin Matthews, has attracted great applause from the San Jose crow, putting on the shirt of the former shark Patrick Marlo. Marlo spent 19 seasons in San Jose before signing with Toronto. 01:25

"He's such a legend of everything he did for the city," Matthews said. "All the chants made me so nervous I forgot that it had five goals.

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