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Michael Jackson Doctor Leaving Neverland is "disturbing and devastating"

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Michael Jackson donated a young boy jewelry in exchange for sexual acts, according to a new documentary "Leaving Neverland".

The film "Destructive and Disturbing" is shown at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, America.

She focuses on two men who claim that Michael Jackson has abused them as children.

His property denies claims that this is "a scandalous and misguided attempt to exploit and win" the singer who died in 2009.

Today, US reporter Patrick Ryan was at the world premiere on Friday.

Wade Robson and James Seifchuk say they were seven and ten when the singer made friends with them and their families.

Now, in the 1930s, they say they have been sexually abused by Michael Jackson.

He always denied the allegations when he was alive.

Police broke into his Neverland Ranch in California in 2003 while investigating allegations of having abused a 13-year-old boy.

The case goes to court, and Wade Robson is his chief witness. He said on the oath that the singer had never misused him, and Michael Jackson was acquitted of all the charges in 2005.

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Wade Robson played with Michael Jackson when he was a child

Since then, Wade Robson has turned into a father, and in an interview he said after two nervous breaks that he finally reveals to the therapist the dark secret he is hiding.

"It was just pain, disgust and anger, the idea that something like this could happen to my son.

In 2013, he filed a lawsuit against Michael Jackson's estate claiming he had been sexually abused by the singer, but a judge ruled that he had waited too long to seek legal action.

"Reliable Movies"

The two-part film was directed by Dan Reed, and in the summary he says: "Through intuitive interviews with older men and their families, leaving Neverland craft a portrait of continued exploitation and deception."

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British director Dan Reed has also created Terror in Mumbai and Pedophile Hunter

Reporter Adam B Vary watches him and then publishes: "Deep emotional Wade Robson and James Seifchuk get ovations after the" Leaving Neverland, "a devastating, deeply credible piece of film.

Keith Turn, a LA Times cinematic critic, published: "A #sundancefilmfestival: Presentation of the screening of Michael Jackson's annoying" Leaving Neverland "documentary, fest top John Cooper announced" There will be health professionals "in the Egyptian theater lobby if needed. This is an intense movie. "

And US Weekly film critic Mara Reinstein said, "Shaking, Wow, we were all wrong when we welcomed Michael Jackson."

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Fans turned the entrance to Neverland in a sanctuary after the singer died

Because of the previous support of Wake Robson and James Seifchuk of Michael Jackson, claiming he never harassed them, his fans had asked for the festival to pull him off, and his own property responded to the project in a statement: 20 years ago treats them as a fact.

"The two accusers have testified under oath that these events have never happened, and they have not provided any independent evidence and absolutely no evidence to support their accusations, which means that the whole film depends only on the word of two lying."

They continue to say that since the director has decided not to interview someone other than the two men and their families, he "neglects to check the facts so that he can produce a narrative so obviously one-sided that the viewers never get anything like a balanced portrait. . "

The documentary will be shown on Channel 4 in the spring of 2019.

Michael Jackson always denied any allegations of abuse while he was alive.

He died on June 25, 2009, aged 50 years after receiving a lethal dose of anesthetic propofol.

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