Wednesday , January 20 2021

Military player players refuse to leave Fortuna 69 (Nice)

I have a theory: The value of a community is directly proportional to its readiness to gather around and fight almost to death for deeply stupid things. Warframe players do an excellent job to prove this.

in Warframe, a cooperative spy with MMO elements, where there are only players to inhabit them. Fortuna 69, which appeared around the time the game was new Fortuna the expansion started on the computer in November, opposed the chances, hanging over a monthStill, while writing this, which means that it is now 35 days old, Matthew is appropriate in many ways than one, given that Metsulah lived in 969 years.

How did this happen? The Community wanted this. Since Fortuna 69 has become a reality, players have been mastering it in moments when it is on the verge of extinction forever. They went out to get the word out, some creating inspirational ads like PsyCoCinematics Rock Paper Rare):

And whatever it is, from the double violence:

Oh, and a bunch of players collaborated to form number 69 a few weeks ago, because of course, I mean:

WarframeEven Fortuna 69 has had several fixes requiring players to stop playing and downloading new data. Developer Digital Extremes has become wise for this, so he is now issuing game warnings before urgent corrections.

"Fortuna 69 lives and that's how you can keep it alive," the entrepreneur announced three minutes before an urgent correction appeared on Monday. "At least one of you must stay in Fortuna 69 while everyone else is back in. Once Hotfixes return, anyone who holds Fortuna 69 around can safely fix them." Fortuna 69 will only live on your hand – which is true in many ways, since it is likely and only by your hand to have some sort of 69. "

Amazing, huh? Warframe it really is a game for the people who gather. Here's how they hope the players will keep Fortuna 69 until they're 69 days old. Now that It will be nice.

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