Saturday , January 16 2021

Missile @ Senators summarize: Laval holds Bellyville to 18 shots, loses 7-2

What was already a heavy season was not made easier, as Laval Rocket went down to 401 in Ontario for a two-game trip. They did it without starting goalkeeper Charlie Lindgren, who stayed in Laval to get a lower body injury considered by the medical staff. In his place was the tandem of Etienne Marcoux and Michael McKinn, and Marcus started the race against the Senators of Belleville.

Like their parent clubs, these two countries did not meet long ago in Carl Alzinger's rocket debut when Laval came home with a convincing 2: 1 home win. The rocket is now supported by the addition of Victor Mete and Simon Despres to the defensive side of the puck. Michael McCarren was trying to keep a strong offensive game as he had gathered four points in his last match.

Laval apparently took some motivation from his NHL colleagues as they came out in the first period and concluded the senators' violation. Bellville managed only two shots in the first 20 minutes, while Laval had nine.

The strong start of Laval brought the first goal of the game thanks to some clever play by Nikita Yevapolov. The Latvian overcrowd surrounded the senators' network, then chose Jake Evans to break into Mark Hogberg. The laser with a pass was directed by Evans for the seventh goal of the year and wounded Laval Lead.

Life is not always fair, and for Evans he has to sit for two minutes for a penalty for a faulty offense, only six seconds after a goal. Twenty-five seconds later, Rudolfs Balchers bound the game with power, as Racquet's special teams continued to fight.

From this goal against the "Rocket" they did not allow another shot of Marcoux until the very end of the first period, as they launched many of their own and almost took lead near the interruption.

After a dominant first period, the Rocket was a terrible start for the second, with Stefan Elliott and Paul Carey marking the third and fourth launch of the Senators. The third goal led to the Marcoux Cup, as McInn took the relief to try to make his team come back.

Things would not improve from here for the missiles, Daniel Champini, Jack Rodewald, and the second goal of the Balkans turned it into a 6-1 affair for the senators, only for 10 total shots. Entering the second break, the Rocket had to save all the positives that could come from this disaster of play.

Joel Bouchard kicked off the third period with Marcoux on the net and a never-ending game of power ended when McCarren and Joseph Labete fought just outside the attack area. The rocket made a small victory in Bellevue's lead, and Evans slipped into the slot and Jepalov finished him with a beautiful timer.

The joy was short-lived as it took the senators for even two minutes to find another goal, this time from Logan Brown's handle, which gathered its fourth point of the night.

Even the delay in the game failed to put pressure on Laval in the third period. Despite the goal difference, "Rocket" managed to put an end to the launch of the period and seemed well broken when the clock collapsed.

The admittance of seven goals for only 18 shots is unacceptable for the two goalkeepers involved, and part of the guilt is on their shoulders. At the same time, missile defense and reflection were just as bad on rare occasions when the senators had an offensive appearance, although they passed almost the same hulls as their games last week when they were much better around their net.

Laval is now heading to Toronto for a meeting with Marley and will try to avoid another catastrophic performance like this last night.

Three stars

1. Rudolfs Bakers (2 goals, 2 assists)

2. Logan Brown (1 goal, 3 assists)

3. Paul Carey (1 goal, 1 assistant)

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