Saturday , January 16 2021

Most NHL commercial correspondence pass through 8 teams

We are a little less than three months of NHL trading time, and hotstove at least begins to shape.

Many eyes have been removed from William Nilender's contract with Toronto Mallees Leafs in the early part of the season, but with this situation, commercial talks have been resolved that have begun to rise around the league.

And according to Eliot Friedman these are the eight teams that most want to make.

"Just ask around, the teams that seem to be at the center of many of these talks: LA, Philly, Minnesota, Boston, Pittsburgh, Florida, St. Louis and Chicago," Freidman said on Saturday Highlights the night of hockey in Canada. "All for different reasons, but they seem to be the most active teams, and something that happens around the league is something like running through them."

It is still early enough for any team to believe it can push for the season, but the Kings, Blackhooks and Blues make the three worst teams in the Western Conference, making them probably sellers. The Wild are on the brink of the playoffs, along with the penguins, while Bruins are the contenders for the Stanley Cup this season. Panthers and fliers have some work to win the ranking and can go on the way to buying and selling.

Freidman said in 31 thoughts on Wednesday that the penguins were "tested on the market" by Phil Kessel's wing.

The trading date is on February 25th.

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