Thursday , January 28 2021

MrBeast made a real battle for battles as a gift to FaZe Tfue

The popular YouTuber Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson steals Fortin for FaZe Tfue away from his stream for several hours on Dec. 3 – and now fans finally know why.

MrBeast transforms the Yellow School Bus into a true Battle Bus from the popular popular Battle Royale Fortnite title, even boring on the inside of the vehicle with gaming gear, a commercial and bunk bed.

Mr. Beber contacted Tfue's brother, JOOGSQUAD, to take out the stunt and take the 20-hour bus from his home in North Carolina to the FaZe Fortnite Factory in the Hollywood Hills.

While there is no hot air balloon on the bus, it still resembles the spitting of the car – and Tfue's reaction to the present was unforgettable.

The team interrupted Tufu's flow after telling them they were about 10 minutes to climb out of their window to celebrate the Victory Royale on a pro with a dome all during a live broadcast. They then blinded the player's eyes and took him to the bus, taking care to capture his untrue reaction.

The group then drives the bus around – even being stopped by a policeman after parking the bus to the curb to jump into a canal.

Tfue returned to his stream (who still managed to attract 18,000 spectators despite his long absence) with a torn shirt, saying he had just left for a trip to the bathroom. While Mr. BeBeast had Tweeted for possible cooperation with the flow, the two managed to keep it secret – so far.

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