Thursday , January 21 2021

Mueller is Eric Trump's enthusiast on "Saturday night live" cold open – national

Saturday night Live returns with a cold opening, which includes Eric Trump, played by Alex Moffat, chased by Robert Mueller, who is Robert Mueller, played by Robert De Niro.

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The scene begins with Donald Trump Jr., played by Mike Day, who enters Erik's bedroom at the Trump Tower.

Eric vows that in his wardrobe there is an excited man to whom the young man answers: "Have you seen the news again? You can not watch these things, he is too old."

To help Erik fall asleep, Don Young read it in the classical book, The night before Christmas,

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"If you ever have a word you do not understand, say" stop, "advises Don Jr., which Eric makes after the first word in history.

Suddenly there was a loud sound, and Eric was frightened.

"This is just the cheap steel that Dad uses to build his towers," says Don Jr..

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But it was not the cheap steel, but Muller was hiding in the closet of the bedroom!

Don Jr. does not see Muller, who reports that Eric is quiet.

Soon Don Jr. gets an important phone call ("How bad is this? Oh, God!") And leaves the room.

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Then Muller goes out of the closet to talk to Eric.

Mueller assures Eric that he is safe because at the beginning of the investigation it became clear that he does not know anyone, although Eric says he knows "Fort Pillow", referring to former manager of Trump Paul Mannorth's campaign.

Muller talks about his latest announcements, in which a lot of information has been published.

– Do you know what's edited? Müller asked.

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"Like when my father said Jeff Sessions was edited," Eric said.

Eventually, Muller assures Eric that America will be good and is filled with "good people".

"[But] people say you're the worst thing my dad has ever happened, "Eric says.

"No, the election of a president is the worst thing to happen to your father," says Muller.

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