Saturday , January 23 2021

Muskrat decision-makers continue to miss Buck

It's hard to know who's calling the pictures after another day of the testimony of former CEO Nalcor Ed Martin yesterday.

Martin believed so strongly in the cost and planning estimate that $ 497 million of the recommended risk situation was left out of the DG2 phase because there were other ways to offset the excess costs.

Commission Coordinator Kate O'Brien wondered why the $ 6.2 billion estimate did not involve a risky situation. Martin said that the possibility of an unknown could happen is known by the government, but Brian said it was not what they heard from government ministers.

O'Brien said that Martin knew that $ 6.2 billion had less than 50/50 chances to be met, to which Martin replied: "No, no, no."

Several times Martin said the decision would be the responsibility of the project team, including Gilbert Bennett. O'Brien said the management team had put this responsibility on Martin.

O Brian wanted to know why the number of reviews from third parties was reduced, which Martin replied that he did not know. The Joint Investigation Council said the answer left him a little to hang.

Martin will return to the booth today.

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