Sunday , January 17 2021

N.S. law firm claims to have to close after the attorney has misused money

The former Nova Scotia lawyer's law firm, alleged to have misused the clients' money, was forced to close its debt.

Jason Brodot left Port Hawksbury, known as "Buddot Rogers," and was stopped practicing a law in Nova Scotia in October after the company said it was revealing misappropriation of funds from trusted accounts.

A day before, Boudrot abruptly gave up his post as president of the liberal Nova Scotia party.

His law colleague, Adam Rogers, took over the managing partner of the company, which was renamed the Rodgers Law Group.

$ 1.5 million of debt

But Rogers told CBC News on Friday he discovered the company's debts as a result of Boudrot's actions, which were much larger than he thought: more than $ 1.5 million.

It was "too much for the firm to maintain," he said.

The Rodgers Law Group has sent notice to cut 15 employees. The seven lawyers of the firm are still licensed to practice.

"I do not know what will happen to everyone at this moment … they are all great lawyers and will certainly get on their feet," he said.

The lender tries to recover the cash

The law firm of Nova Scotia will appoint a trustee on Monday to control the company as it will expire.

Rogers did not want to discuss the peculiarities of the company's financial crisis, but said the main creditor is taking action to try to regain his money. He said he expects the creditor to come after him and Budrot.

Rogers said he would continue practicing right in the Port Hawksbury area.

Rodgers Law Group clients can choose whether to stay with the attorneys who represent them so far, he added.

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