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NBA best hand rappers Clippers worst season loss, 123-99

Beth Harris, Associated Press

Posted on Wednesday, December 12, 2018 5:08 EST

LOS ANGELES – Kyle Laurie was on the right and along with Toronto Raptors. He had a total of 15 points in his last five games while the team lost three of the four.

Adding to their fears, top scorer Cowhy Leonard had come up with a hooked right hip against the surprising Clippers.

"It was time to get up and play," Laurie said.

Serge Ibakka had 25 points and nine rebounds while Laurie added 21 points while making four of the 14 Raptors' throws, and Toronto went past Los Angeles 123-99 on Tuesday night.

"We have not delayed him," said Lowury.

Toronto shot 52 percent off the floor, had 34 assists and outpaced Clippers 28-4 in fast-break points.

"It was a game that everyone thought was going to be very difficult to win," said Nick Neurs coach, "but we've pretty much arranged all that stuff and we're very focused."

Fred Van Wright kept the ball to Leonard's seat with 14 assists.

"Whether Cowie was playing or not, I think he'll have a healthy game," Van Wright said of Lowry. "When playing this way, we will be a tough team."

The Clippers claimed the biggest loss of the season against the best NBA team (22-7).

"From the start, you could see raptors push the pace in the game," said Clippers coach Doc Rivers, "and we've never handled it."

With top scorer Tobias Harris retaining 10 points – he averaged 21.4 – Clippers are led by a pair of reserves.

Boban Marjanovic had 18 points and Tyron Wallace added 15. Their fourth loss in six games gave them a draw for the second time with the Lakers 17-10 in the Pacific Division.

"We have just given up on their offensive pressure," Rivers said.

The rappers expanded their behavior in the third quarter, using the start of 10-0, followed by five consecutive 3-way moves to enter the fourth lead 103-74. Laurie hit three of the three and Delon Wright had two.

"When he let go, he knew it was all right," said Lowury's sister.

Ibaka had thundering monsters before the 3-point attack on Canada's Night at Staples Center began.

Both teams played their reserves in fourth place, but the Clippers were too far away to make a serious victory.


Raptors: The nurse plans to coach at the Golden State on Wednesday before returning to Carroll, Iowa, where her 94-year-old mother died Monday. "He said before the game that he would kick his ass if he was not here," said Lowury. "It just shows the hardness in his family. … They improved to 6-0 against the West. After their current trip in four games, raptors will not travel outside the central time zone for the rest of the season. … Wright has stitches over his right eye. … Norman Powell missed his 18th match with a shoulder on his left shoulder.

Clippers: Gu Louis Williams was sitting with a painful left rust that he held in Phoenix on Monday. … With the team ending with 29, the longtime Billy Crystal fan had seen enough and left before the fourth quarter began. … They lost home for the third time in 12 games. … They lost a total of four out of six. … They were beaten home by raptors for the first time since November 22, 2015.


Raptors: The "Golden State" on Wednesday in the second game of duel. They are 5-0 on the second night this season.

Videos: In San Antonio on Thursday. They defeated Spurs five points last month.

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