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NHL All Star Star Skills Takeaways: The Matthews match wins the crowd

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Connor McDavid is still jumping as a girl, Austin Matthews still loves Patrick Marlo, and the capital's representative still has the worst hit.

Here are the most important moments of Friday's All Star Skills NHL, which becomes funny, innovative and even hearty.

This is McDavid's world; we just live in it

Connor McDavid's whole strand was so much for the function as fashion.

"Especially if I do not wear a helmet, I do not want my hair to slide on my face and I do not see it, do I?" "said the Oilers captain before the" fastest skater "race.

To the surprise of exactly zero people, McDavid successfully defended his title with an incredible lap of 13,378 seconds, becoming the first NHLer to win the race three times.

He relinquished Jack Eichel (again) who posted a time of 13,582.

"Just go as fast as you can," McDavid said. – It's all about your crossovers, finding a way to keep up your pace all the time.

There is no truth in the rumors that McDavid will donate $ 25,000 in cash prizes to Oilers' salary cap.

Skate like a girl!

The coolest turn of the event was the addition of Kendall Coyne Schofield to the Fastest Skater. The Olympic gold medalist of the US team was tapped to compete against men as a replacement for Nora McKinnon of Colorado, who failed to take part after a blockade of a shot in the game leading to an all-star weekend.

As the first woman to compete in the NHL skill competition, Cohen Shofield made an impressive 14,346 time, killing Clayton Keller and possibly winning a kiss.

"It's definitely the top three in my career," she laughed. "The crowd was electrified. To hear the songs of U-S-A. Everyone broke up when I started. Definitely gave me momentum. The adrenaline was out.

Kohn Shofield's speed quickly gained respect from his peers.

"When he came out, I was like" Wow, "McDavid said. "I thought she might have won as she moved. She is an amazing skater and this is an amazing thing about the game when you can see how she participates in such an event.

Adds Austin Matthews: "She was flying. It was hard for me to give Kels because she beat him.

After the contest attracted a number of reporters, Cohen Shofield had to deliver a message.

"I would especially say to young girls, women, follow your dreams, believe in yourself," she said. – You can not do anything. Tonight was an example of that. "

The heaviest shot remains in Washington

The field for this year's Hardest Shot – the most difficult event to convince the boys to try – hit when Alex Ovechkin dropped out of the all-star weekend. Ovi is the only competitor who crashed the triple figures in 2018, winning a blast of 101.3 mph.

We will be glad to see Shea Weber and Zdeno Chara, who will be coming to the event as specialists.

– This is crazy. As soon as he and Shey Weber shot their photos, [they went] in a completely different league than anyone else – said John Carlson. "It's unbelievable how these guys can bring it."

Of the four wishing to shoot (Carlson, Steven Stamkos, Brent Burns and Seth Jones), Carlson won easily, hitting the hardest (102.8 miles per hour) and second hardest (100.8 miles per hour) Your 100-foot weapon.

"I just tried to shoot him as hard as I could," Carlson said, breaking his intricate strategy.

It's so simple, kids.

In NHL, he figured out how to determine Puck Control

A new trick, presented during last year's Tampa skill competition, Puck Control's hurdle has crashed into the head in awkwardness when several athletes tried to scoop the puck through the raised windows.

This year, the judge dropped a fresh, warm washer before the flip-flops. (Used cold washer is more difficult to manipulate.) The problem is solved. Science is winning again.

The beautiful Patrick Cain (28,611) went through the course and was defeated by only the last competitor of the event, Johnny Gadro in 27,045. Claude Jiro finished third.

Gadro thought he had a slight advantage in having participated in the same event last year, but once he pulled the Deck off, he decided he had lost.

"Caner is still a player I'm looking at today and trying to learn from and take small things out of my game so it's great," he said.

Matthew wins the crowd, but not Precision

David Pastrank may have won the race for accuracy, repelling the five goals in a clear 11.3 seconds, but the last finisher, Aston Matthews, won the San Jose fans by pulling his Maple Leafs sweater to reveal all the stars of Patrick Marlo. he insisted on the race.

A nice little owl to the long shark and his father, who had a simple text message waiting for Matthews when he got off the ice: "Thanks. That was great.

"I can not explain how great he is, who he is and how close we are to our relationship," Matthews said. "I like to make fun of him and annoy him and say that he is like my second father. He does not like it. He is like my brother.

"He treats everyone so well. It does not matter who you are – a random street man or a teammate who plays with him – he treats everyone so kindly. "

Let's just go over to the Premier Passer

Yes, wise parents tell their children that the assistant is just as good as the goal.

But watching players transfer tops in targets for two minutes can grow tedious, no matter how sweet the sauce is.

Last year's skills Drew Downey was struggling hard. It could have been easier for the stone to pass through the kidneys.

"I hate it," said Doyle. – Maybe I'll have to do this year again. I only pray that I'm talking about it. "

(Fortunately, the defender spoke in the Accuracy Arrow.)

Leon Draisaitl of Edmonton won the challenge by completing all his passes in an efficient 1:09.

"It was a serious event. It's really hard, indeed, "McDavid said.

"Leon, I know, was nervous. I kept saying, "You are one of the best passers-by in the game. You can easily do it. – And he proves this tonight.

A great evening for the representatives of Alberta who went to three for three.

The king reigns supreme

Henrik Lundkvist confirmed his status as a King in the Rescue Stream, a race in which the goalkeeper who makes the most consistent retreats stops spending money.

Andrei Vassilevski's eight direct stops continued after a round as Lundkvist took the net and diverted a dozen archers in a row.

"It's a little scary when you encounter so many skills," the king admitted. Smiling and stylish, as always, it is tangible how much the veteran is soaked in his fifth star.

"When you train for an hour and stay there for 50, 60 seizures, then you're tired. Today just sit back and watch and enjoy the show. It's funny. "

Although Mark André Fleur failed to defend his crown Рthe color stopped 14th during the debut of the race last winter Рhe stole the highlights.

While Vivas Las Vegas by Elvis Presley (Fleury's request) was piercing through the speakers, the acrobatic Fleuri made an extensive inspection of Miko Ranantin at the old school and threw sections to write Miro Haikkenen's experience with his finger.

Do you still want Gritty ?! You get more sand!

NHL is smart to squeeze out its nightly celebrity for everything that's worth it.

Gritty, the only talisman who lived in the dirty areas, was staring into the red carpet, then outpacing Sharky in the ever-growing Fastest Skater competition.

"It's a good step, no," said Brent Burns.

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