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NHL – The Wysh List – What's the plan here, Edmonton Oilers?

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The most surprising aspect of Edmonton CEO Peter Chirelli's decision to shoot Todd McLean and hire Ken Hitchcock has given Chiarelli permission to make that decision.

I thought there was a better chance than the ollers to keep MacLean after fired Chiarelli. Few directors in professional sports have so many red songs as Chiarelli. See these deals. Look at them. When he finished a deal that basically turned Jordan Eberle to Ryan Spooner, he is not even in the top five worst movements of a general manager, it is surprising that he still has the concert. Especially when the subtitle for his nonsense "spoils years of Connor McDavid's career."

The predominant wisdom of this desperate movement is that it was handed over by his boss, former Hockey Canada boss Bob Nicholson, who has a long history with Hitchcock. Or that Kevin Law has been appointed. Or something that Wayne Gretky wanted. The notion that Chiarelli, looking at the sand in the clock that runs to its inevitable end in Edmonton, may be the one who can only make that move is incomprehensible given his professional context and recent experience.

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So while everyone in the Chiarelli press has asked questions about Hitchcock, they already knew the answers – say, do you know he has a reassuring effect on team defense? – I had to ask the general manager: Who made that decision? You? Have you consulted with the think tank? Do they allow you to do it? Seriously?

"I discussed it with the quote / unquote" brain trust, "but I decided," Chiarelli said.

This phrase struck me: "The fortress of the brain" quote / unquote "." He struck others as strange. I would like to subdue the Oilers manager as a brain he can not trust but more than likely to admit what he is telling us this move: Even at this late hour in his term, Peter Chirelli has an amazing amount of autonomy.

This is part of the really strange deification of the general managers of the National Hockey League on Property and Top Management. The security of the NHL General Manager's position makes it up to US Supreme Court judges like those of a quality control controller in a processing plant for lettuce for Roma. This is what happens when you are the person who can trade as many players as you need in search of success, and the person who can rebuild weapons to other employees (re-trainers) for their own negligence.

Since February 2017, NHL has had 17 coaching changes. In the same period, there were altogether eight changes in the general manager. Of these eight, four were promotions inside (Kyle Dubas, Julien Brisebois, Don Waddell, Rob Blake) who held the team at the same rate. Another is that Dale Tallon returns to his former role in Florida. The Icelanders, Samers and Wilds are the only teams of nearly two years who have to capture a general manager and hire a new person outside of the organization. Three GMs. Compared to 17 coaches.

Of the 31 NHL managers, 20 of them started their concert before 2016 compared to 10 major coaches. The size of the aids applied to team problems instead of the deep management operation needed to rescue them will always be silly in the NHL.

I have written beforehand about why bad general managers have never been sacked. In the case of Chiarelli, what keeps it on the surface? First, there was still a coach to shoot to buy it for some time. But there is the ring. The ring means you've won before and in NHL, that means you might win again. (Even if history shows that this does not really happen, ask Jim Rutherford how rare it is.) Since 2015, a total of 15 managers have been recruited or promoted. Ten of them won Stanley Cup as CEO. Chiarelli's 2011 earnings at Stanley with Boston Bruins are like Kevlar when "the bullet had to have the name of General Director Peter Chillers on it," as Terry Jones wrote this week at Edmonton Sun.

(For the record: If someone blames Kam Talbot's game to undermine the Oilers team that Chiarelli has built, then you have to admit he has a Stanley ring because Tim Thomas, a player, his Boston and the irony of Talbot's criticism that if the goalkeeper was not played by his pumpkin in 2016-17, the Oilers would not have played playoff for Chiarelli's entire presence.)

Do the Oilers lose years of Connor McDavid's career by sticking to Peter Chileli? Chris Williams / Icon Sports

Appointing Ken Hitchcock is Chiarelli's last card to play, and the good news is that this is the smallest face card. I have no doubt he will turn the team's defenses around. I have no doubt that he will provide valuable data on the list, whom to protect and whom to give up. I have no doubt that it will be of benefit to players like McDavid and Darnell nurse. And I have no doubt that the Oilers in the short run have a better chance of making the playoffs than last week. It is strange how people treat the Hits one year in Dallas as something catastrophic when they turn them into the seventh best NHL defense team and finish three playoff points.

But at this point in his career. Hitchcock is Winston Wolff's version of "Pulp Fiction": the last time you have to clean up a bloody mess. GM Jim Nill stars have made a hash of the blue line of stars? Call the wolf. Peter Chiarelli incorrectly manages the list to the point where it is as deep as a puddle? Call the wolf.

"Call the wolf" is never the plan. This is something you do when the plan is made terribly wrong, whether it's accidental launching Marvin in the face or trading with a future winner in the "Hard Trophy" for a positional need for protection. (Every: "Trading is one for one. ")

Hiring Ken Hitchcock is both a frantic attempt to succeed and yet an undeniable symptom of failure in Euler's organization. Seriously: What is the plan? Oilers makes the playoffs, Hitchcock returns for another year, the list is still on the list and is still in the hands of Peter Chirelli, who uses a 66-year-old coach for execution? Is it really preferable to the Olympic players who are missing in the playoffs, Hitch returns to the consulting fees, and Edmundon makes such a general change of regime they must already have done?

Perhaps they could even add Hitchcock to the next "quote / exclude a think tank." The one who can finally deliver a supportive voice worthy of Connor McDavid.

Congratulations to all 2018-19 playoffs teams (maybe)

There is some theory created by Sportsnet's Elliott Friedman, who noted a few years ago that 78% of the teams who were in a gaming position around the (American) Thanksgiving will remain there until the end of the season. His studies have been tracked back in 2000, and this is a trend that kept pretty well … until last season.

Grab more than 180 NHL matches that are broadcast live this season on ESPN +. Click here for the upcoming schedule and learn how to subscribe.

Of the 16 teams in playoffs positions on the last Thanksgiving, six of them did not do it: The Islanders, Red Wings, Blues, Stars, Canucks and Flames. But in 2016-17, the trend persists: 14 out of 16 teams have made the meeting.

Was it the last season a chaotic anomaly in a year of growth that saw its share of wacky anomalies? Or can the trend stay again?

Our Playoff Teams from the Eastern Conference, Columbus, New York Rangers, Washington, Tampa Bay, Toronto, Buffalo, Boston and Montreal on wild cards.

Our Playoff Teams from the Western Conference enter Friday: Nashville, Minnesota, Winnipeg, Calgary, San Jose, Anaheim, Colorado and Dallas in wild cards.

About 13 of these teams will be teams from the playoffs if the trend returns. Which of them do you see dropping out, and are they Rangers, Canidians and the Ducks?

Week in Gritie

TIME Magazine opened its vote on "The Personality of the Year," and of course the typical Philadelphia Flyers mascot put its name in the conversation. To continue this candidacy, Gretti gave the magazine a rare interview and was asked (among other things) if he felt comfortable with co-opting the political left as a symbol of the protest. Said Gretti: – Do you want to talk about comfort? Have you ever gotten into boredom?

Then there was a question about what a devil to say. In the previous photos, Gret seems to have an orange outtie. But as the pictures show, his abdominal button seems to change the color:

What is going on here? Is this the mood of the abdomen, which changes its color depending on how Gritie feels? I think we can all agree that this is rude, at least.

Finally, it was Thanksgiving, which meant that Gretti had a message about his Greetings:

Yes, this is a rotating chicken.

Meanwhile, here is Gritty meets Norman Rockwell's art we all had in our chapters this week:

Do … do Gretti eat Gretti?

Contract duration

At the thought of the NHL General Managers 'mandate, I started to think about the NHL contracts' mandate.

This is a Thanksgiving week, so Greg Usinski and Emily Kaplan share what they are grateful for hockey (3:10). We talk to Lindsey Fry, an American Olympic player and current ambassador and adviser to Coyotes' team president Ahron Cohen (18:30). We play another round of "Sach Got Your Number" (28:09) Plus, are the Sides Playoff Team (40:35)? Plus, "Phil Kessel loves hot dogs," "Peace titles and more! Listen "

According to Cap Friendly, there are 876 active contracts in the NHL since Wednesday, with the exception of home-level deals. The average duration of these contracts: 3.2 years.

If you exclude all contracts below $ 1 million in an annual average, as well as an entry level transaction, the average duration of these contracts is 4.4 years.

If you simply sign contracts with an average annual value of $ 5 million or higher, there are 182 of them with an average maturity of 6.4 years.

Keep in mind that the results do not include long-term deals that will start next season (like Drew Doughty's deal), and that it also includes elitní deals from earlier, such as Alex Ovechkin's 13-year contract.

Make these results what you want, but it is interesting to note the term of this last group. The NHL has pointed out, or at least Deputy Commissioner Bill Dalli, that they would like to see a five-year upper limit for contracts. Whether this has become a problem in the next currency board is a mystery, but are the teams there, because most players make more than $ 5 million?

Fake of the week

Classics, as Blake is Jersey's worst foul of all time two years ago, and frankly, that's an understatement.

So it's a combination of the names of Sydney Crosby and Ben Rothlissberger. This is a combination of the Pittsburgh Penguins and the unified numbers of Pittsburgh Steelers. Just to get home, our new friend put on a Steelers helmet and an NHL logo on the back of a sweater. Yes, NHL logo in a NHL team.

Perhaps the most unpleasant thing about this: Sydney Crosby would have to share a T-shirt with anyone who did not have a GAO. T. state.

Listen to ESPN on ice

Who are you most grateful in hockey these days? Emily Kaplan and yours really presented our top 10 list of things we are grateful for hockey in honor of Thanksgiving. In addition, an in-depth interview with Lindsey Fry, the former US team player, has become Arizona Coyote's CEO. Immerse it here and listen in iTunes here.

Track titles

A look at the Reading Royals 3-D hockey jerseys. "There were some elements we had to make sure they were clearly visible, even without the 3D glasses … We had to make sure you could still understand the numbers of the t-shirts for the voters.

Humboldt Broncos are in the first place, which is really great.

Apparently an early and ineffective starter goalkeeper and secretary general signed by Jack Johnson won Mike Sullivan in place on the coach's hot seat.

Shawn Leey interviews Dallas Jim Montgomery's coach and I'm sure he's just asking about naming the Legion of Fate.

Good Function of Famer Paul Stewart's American Hockey Hall (subscription required). Man, what happened to the referees with personalities? We have one now.

Brian Burke's play on Don Cherry is good. Here, Burke is painting cheap warmth by calling the Carolina Hurricanes celebrations.

Questions and answers with NWHL rookie Kayla Menegin.

The Hall of Fame of the Unhealthy Bad Card Package: Class of 2018.

Hockey (long, not readable)

There seems to be another catastrophic story about Ottawa's saddlers on this spot every week, so why not another? The team project at the center of the arena seems to be coming out of the rails.

In case you missed this from your friends on ESPN

Why have so many coaches been fired this season? Emily Kaplan looked.

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