Kevin Hart had a great victory when he offered Oscar Hosteria. This achievement was undermined by the resumption of homophobic tweets, for which he went without excuse and eventually withdrew from his role at the upcoming awards ceremony. In the light of this chain of events, Nick Cannon felt compelled to remind people of some of the comedies of his favorite amateurs with such offensive content.

He shares the old tweets of Chelsea Handler, Sarah Silverman and Amy Sumer, who have had great success in their respective careers such as comedies and actors. The canon seemed to ask how these figures continue to maintain positive trajectories in the professional sphere, despite the use of homophobic threats in tweets that he repeated.

The tool is clear about his position. He does not try to shame these comedies for these words, as he emphasizes the hypocrisy of both the entertainment industry and the public. He does not approve the rise of political correctness. The comedian would not mind people finding some of their old tweets.

"I do not know that I've said I've fucked the shit since I started wondering that I'm not playing the politically correct nonsense!