Thursday , June 17 2021

Nicki Minaj takes on Gunna & Lil Baby with remix "Barbie Kappe"

As promised, Nicki Minaj delivers new music with the arrival of Queen Radio's latest episode in Beats 1. Resolutely, Nicki took two hits from a hip-hop duo set, catching Drake and Meek Mill "Going Bad" and Lil Baby and Hone "Drip Too Hard" hit, the last of which is featured here.

Just as she does in "Going Bad," Nicki perceives the rhythm of the creators of the cut as she finishes the song with her own taste, as she raps, "Drip too hard, dick too much / He fucks around and drowns this wool / Pretty little toes, doing these motes / Buy another bag as soon as I get paid.

Listen to the new flip with the courtesy of Nicki Minaj and make your thoughts below. Does it do justice to the song or have it left alone?

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