Saturday , July 24 2021

Now Centuries Virtua Racing Nintendo Preview Review Trailer

When Sega released 32X and Sega Saturn, they also released a port Virtua Race on systems. Although it was not a perfect arcade and had some rough edges, it was nice. Now, Now is released Virtua Race the Nintendo Switch and, frankly, I can not wait to check it out.

Watching the latest footage, the recently released trailer, the game looks much cleaner than I remember. It even looks better than the arcade version. Yes, Switch is more powerful than the old board that powers the game, and definitely shows. According to Sega, this port is 100% true to the arcade version. That means everything from the version will be here and then some.

The game will run on 1080p in camp mode, 720p in manual mode, and both resolutions will be run on 60FPS or arcade original 30FPS.

The version of Switch will even include a two-player online mode where you can use another player. As well as an offline multiplayer mode that allows up to eight people to play on a single switch. I can not imagine what insanity will be with anyone who looks at the same screen and gets confused.

Now centuries Virtua Racing 8 player madness

Centuries ago: Virtua Racing is available at the Japanese eShop. There is no word about whether it will be available in North America. If you do not want to wait, you can play Japanese games on NA Switch and download titles via eShop. Speaking of this, I will try now.

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