Thursday , May 13 2021

NUCLEAR WORK OF NAMES: Predator Protection places them at the top of the overall ranking

1. Mischievous predators (2)
NHL's best defense has gathered for 12 goals and 57 points.

2. Toronto Maple Leaves (3)
Before Wednesday night they won seven of the last eight games.

3. Winnipeg Jets (4)
Going on Wednesday night, Hellebus won the last four starts.

4. Lightning Tampa Bay (5)
They left 13 goals in four games after Vassilevski came down.

5. San José Sharks (6)
Brent Burns – not Eric Carlson – heads the team as the result.

6. Boston Bruns (1)
The best hockey line is no longer with Bergeron for four weeks.

7. Calgary flames (7)
Four of their attackers are at a better point than the pace.

8. Minnesota Wild (8)
Lost games back to Buffalo and Chicago.

9. Buffalo Saber (11)
The winning six-game series is third in the Sabers ranking.

10. Montreal Cannes (9)
Just when you think the price is coming back, he gives five goals to the capital.

11. Collectible jackets (10)
The best team at the Metropolitan Division lost only twice this month.

12. New York Rangers (19)
First coach David Quinn is an early favorite for the Jack Adams Award.

13. Washington Capital (17)
Norris Trophy's watch: Carlson is fourth in points and third on ice.

14. Dallas Stars (18)
Without a bishop (0.923 percent rescue) for next week.

15. Vancouver Canucks (14)
The loss in Peterson's hit is that Horwat has 10 goals and 19 points.

16. Colorado avalanche (12)
Vullamov's unstable start is the team that uses a duel.

17. Pittsburgh Penguins (16)
Traded by LA, Pearson scored his first season on Monday.

18. New York Islanders (13)
Last Wednesday night, Beauvillier had four goals in the last two games.

19. Detroit Red Wings (26)
Before Wednesday, they had quietly won eight of their last 10 games.

20. Philadelphia Flyers (15)
Will Dave Hackstol be the fifth coach fired this year?

21. Florida Panthers (25)
The felt ankle for Troshek may have broken the chances of the Pantera playoffs.

22. Carolina Uricarians (22)
You need someone from Darling, McLeanne or Mrazek to get stronger.

23. Edmonton Oilers (20)
Hitcom won his first game as a coach.

24. Arizona Coyotes (23)
They had scored four goals in the last three games that came off on Wednesday night.

25. Anaheim Ducks (21)
He scored the second lowest goals in the league.

26. Ottawa Senators (28)
Best scorer Matt Duchen is the best start.

27. New Jersey Devils (29)
Is this the same team that made the playoffs last year?

28. St. Louis Blues (24)
He shot him as the head coach after losing four of the last five.

29. Vegas Golden Knights (27)
Hockey gods can be cruel.

30. Chicago Blackhawks (30)
In the match on Wednesday, Crawford made two goals in the last two games.

31. Los Angeles Kings (31)
Kovalchuk, who played on Monday at 12:47, is now only a power specialist.

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