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"Obviously, counterfeit money circulating circles in Ontas. city, warns police

Ryan Flanagan,

Posted on Tuesday, February 12, 2019 14:14 EST

Last Updated Tuesday, February 12, 2019 14:39 EST

There's something funny about part of the money that goes around the Southwest Ontario community – and that's not that difficult to notice.

Provincial police issued a warning on Tuesday for counterfeit money, recently spotted in Limington, Ontario.

According to the OPP, several fake 20-dollar bills were recently seen in Limington.

Police note that the currency is "more noticeable fake" than some other attempts at fraud because there are large Chinese inscriptions printed on each side.

In addition, false accounts lack transparent glasses that can be found in legitimate Canadian banknotes.

The Bank of Canada has a dedicated website designed for Canadians to learn how to find a counterfeit currency.

For $ 20 bills such as those in Limington, the site recommends people feel about the raised 20-inch ink, look for a transparent contour around the frozen maple leaf, and tilt the metal portrait of Queen Elizabeth II to change it.

The Bank does not offer specific advice on banknotes that appear to have foreign language characters printed on them.

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