Monday , January 18 2021

Okay, here's one thing in Fallout 76, which is fixed, but it has to be broken

Go back to eating people

Fallout 76 you just can not win. Starts like a strangely broken and lonely mess. Bethesda is trying to fix it, but players have found that the weekly notes on the patches actually missed a ton of major changes that made the game heavier. So this week Betsha sent notes that were really exhaustive and people found justification for something they never knew they were broken.

Fallout 76 there is an event called "Feed the People" where players gather in Mama Dolce's food processing to protect the machine from attackers in order to distribute rations. Upon successful completion of the event, each player on the server receives five boxes of meat dishes. This is obviously a mistake. After today's update, only those who participated in the event received stew.

Given the subject of "Feeding people", everyone assumed that they always function properly. There is a friendly thematic unity of several people who work hard to provide everyone. The name of the event suggests it is altruistic. It is not. I fall out does not make bones for his contempt for communism. This logic stands with this really capitalist tweak.

People are praying to Bethesda to postpone this change. One commentator on Fallout 76 the subreddit has gathered more upvotes request for a reversal than Bethesda announces the patch notes. Or, as another commentator said,Lol, good to know the most interesting search dynamics is [a] bug. "

Fallout 76 Patch Notes – December 11, 2018 [reddit via Kotaku]

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