Wednesday , January 20 2021

Ontario. policeman shooting a helping woman with groceries on a snowy street

An officer in the London Police Department is captured by a camera that helps a woman who fights with food bags on a cold and snowy street.

IN video posted on TwitterThe Southwest Ontario employee can be seen by helping the woman load his foodstuff into the trunk of his cruiser before boarding the backseat. The video was shot on Sunday afternoon.

The officer, according to the Twitter headline, "saw this woman walking in the street with groceries." Because of the cold cold and the "sidewalk was full of snow," he "decided to take her home." was published with #TrueCanadian and #GoodPeopleExist tags.

Environment Canada reported temperatures in London, Ontario. was about -11 degrees Celsius on Sunday afternoon and felt closer to -20 with wind chill.

Speaking to, London Police Department spokesperson Sandasha Bug defined the officer as Const. Ozzie Netersol.

"This is just one example of where police officers go beyond and beyond to help others," Bauge said. "This situation happened to be captured in a camera and shared through social media, but it is an example of something that happens in one way or another every day by police officers everywhere."

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