Sunday , May 16 2021

Ontario's art gallery shows beyond the infinite room, Yayoi Kusama, who buys

Go anywhere.

This is the name of the Mirror Art Room, which Ontario's Art Gallery intends to buy from the world-famous artist Yayo Cussama, that is, if its promotion campaign is successful. And yes, it's always written in all the caps, said Ontario's Art Gallery (AGO).

More than 3,000 people have already contributed to the permanent acquisition of a brand-new Kusama installation, although they have not seen it yet.

The AGO organization said its campaign has brought about half the $ 1.3 million to buy, but hopes that more people will donate next week "Giving on Tuesday," a donation day after shopping "The Black Friday ".

Here's a look in the room:

The art gallery is crowdfunding to buy the permanent installation. 0:37

The main installation, which will be given a special place at Toronto Station, has mirrored globes on the ground and hung from the ceiling – just like the work Narciss Garden, which dominated a large room at AGO during the last Kusama exhibition.

There is also a mirror rectangular column inside the LED-lit room, which creates what is said to feel like an infinite room in the infinite room.

The work of Yayoi Kusama, pictured here, was marked during a special AGO exhibition last year, according to which the gallery attracted some 169,000 people. (Mike Segare / Reuters)

Four people will be able to fit in the room that will arrive in the spring of 2019.

About 170,000 people have inspected the Infinity Mirrors exhibition last year, displaying a number of rooms created by the Japanese artist along with other works of art.

To date, only 17 museums around the world are home to one of Kusama's mirror rooms.

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