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Overdosed for Overdose – Canada News

A public warning was issued by an autonomous community in southern Alberta after an alarming number of overdoses in a two-day period.

The Blood Tribe Administration issued a social media warning Friday after 22 overdoses in a 48-hour period. One of the overdoses is fatal.

The administration believes that carfentan, which is approximately 100 times stronger than fentanyl, can be blamed for the jump in the cases.

"We are concerned about the well-being of our tribal members and we are issuing this warning again in the hope of preventing death," the statement said. "We were informed that more overdoses occurred in the last days and the signal is not taken seriously."

According to Kyle Talting Tellow, head of the Bloody Tribes, the officers will work 24 hours a day, even in their days, in the next few days to help.

"This has a bearing on many families who have to deal with their relatives and die or even find themselves in the hospital," Tolkien told the CTV News Channel on Saturday. "This also has an impact on our first responders, including our EMS and fire departments, as they respond to these calls in increasing numbers."

25 to 30 callouts associated with opioids each month are received by the emergency medical services of the blood in communities with fewer than 13,000 people. They have already seen 39 overdoses this month.

Topping Talow says police police efforts against drug smugglers have increased as do police efforts to educate the public about the dangers of opioids.

The Community is also considering building a safe consumer facility.

– with Vancouver CTV files


November 24, 2018 / 3:18 pm | History:

An animal rescue company says a man who has reported 15 cats and kittens in plastic storage boxes on the side of the Alberta highway has rejected his story.

The Animal Rescue Society in Alberta tells a Facebook publication that the man contacted them on Friday night and told them that the cats belong to a family member who is unable to take care of them.

The mail says that the man uses plastic containers to remove the cats from home "from deep concern" about the welfare of the animals as well as the children in the home, but then could not find where to accept them.

The World Breeders Society said earlier that the cats were found in sealed bathtubs close to Ercan and Steller railways.

The boxes had holes with air, but the cats were soaked in their own urine and stools.

The Animal Rescue Crew Society in Alberta cares for cats and says in the publication that the man has presented himself to the authorities.

"He made numerous attempts to find a place for these cats, but he was defeated, lost hope, and there was nowhere to turn and took drastic measures to try to draw attention to the condition of these cats."

"We understand that logic is difficult to understand, but we also understand the hopelessness that one feels when there is a situation where there are animals in need of help."

Alpha PCA spokesman Dan Kobe said there is still an investigation in the case.

"If we find that someone has to be held responsible for causing suffering animals, then we will blame," Kobe said in an interview Saturday.

Kobe said he was not clear if the police were investigating the fake report, saying that the crew of the Rescue Animal Crew crew in Alberta would be responded.

No one at the Animal Rescue Society in Alberta immediately had the opportunity to comment. Alberta's spokesman, RCMP, said he was not clear whether the police were investigating the report.

Many of the responses to the Facebook public's publicity have shown themselves to be a part of the human's plight, as a writer said, "it's all forgiven."

Kobu said it was quite common for somebody trying to convey the animals to tell them that the agency they contacted just had no place. All rescue organizations deal with many cats, he said, and their shelters have capacity or capacity.

Continue to call until someone helps you, Kobe said, noting that the CPSA could provide information on whom to call.

He said that euthanasia is always an option, but if the cat is healthy, there is usually somewhere that can help her find a new home.

"People should not expect to find a cat's home within a day or two, but a little work may be done, but if they continue to work they can usually find somewhere the cat, even if it takes a few weeks or several months "Kobe said.

24 November 2018/2 18 hours | History:

The federal government announced on Saturday that it would invest nearly half a million dollars to improve the safety of the Canadian LGBTQ community following the killing of eight men linked to Toronto's gay village.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau said the government would provide $ 450,000 to Pride Toronto to lead an initiative that aims to improve the link between the LGBTQ community and the criminal justice system.

"Too long the LGBTQ2 community has encountered injustice from various institutions in our society in ways that have prevented people from living their lives more fully and contributing with their might to our country," said Morneau at The 519 based in Toronto agency advocates for the LGBTQ community.

Mornau, who is also a member of the Toronto Center, has not specifically named Bruce McArthur, who faces eight first-degree killings, but said funding comes as "violent murders" found in the city.

McArthur made his first appearance at the Ontario Supreme Court earlier this month, and a judge said he might appear in September.

"The groups in this ride have led the way in seeking meaningful changes," Morneau said on Saturday.

"We know there has been a long and stormy history between the criminal justice system and the LGBTQ2 Canadians, and the Toronto Center people know here the local question here."

Members of the LGBTQ community accuse the Toronto police of failing to seriously investigate the disappearance of men linked to the city's gay neighborhood in the years leading up to McLaren's January arrest.

The Toronto pride has also been tense with the police over the past two years, as the uniformed officers were banned from the Pride Parade in 2017 about racial concern and criticism of how they dealt with MacArthur's investigation.

Last month, Prime Minister Toronto said the two countries have made progress in talks on "police and institutional power," and the forces are welcome to apply for the next summer's festivities.

Olivia Nuamah, Managing Director of Pride Toronto, said federal funding would initially target national consultations with LGBTQ agencies and leaders to determine how to improve community safety.

Nama said the talks would be "deep dive" in the LGBTQ community safety and security experience in Canada. She said the second step would be a research and analytical process that will come up with solutions.

"This money will help us begin the process of understanding how we are going to talk about these things, how we start communicating with the broad Canadian public, and certainly and most importantly how we find solutions to addressing some of these concerns," she said.


November 24, 2018 / 12:33 pm | History:

Vancouver residents have begun to declare themselves "Team Otter" or "Team Koi" as an elusive otter that serves expensive carp in a peaceful garden pond to avoid capture.

The wind mysteriously made its way to Dr. Sun Yat-sen Classic Chinese Garden last week and invaded seven decorative ones, many of which have been there for decades.

Park director Howard Norman said a wildlife reliever had begun work yesterday and set three new traps containing rainbow trout and a mixture of oil but this morning the creator is still on the shore.

He says the garden staff are discussing the possibilities of removing koi from the lake to protect them but says it's not as easy as it sounds because they are a sensitive fish and that's hard to do.

Meanwhile, the story conquered people in Vancouver and beyond, with social media users joining #TeamOtter or #TeamKoi – although one of #TeamKoi's members pointed out, "it's bad for otters, so getting it off is the best interest of all. "

Local group Chinatown Today even made a batch of buttons carrying charming cards and koi, which are sold for $ 2, and the revenue goes to the classic garden.

November 24, 2018 / 3:05 pm | History:

No winning $ 60 million jackpot ticket was sold at the lottery lottery on Friday night.

However, there were also 20 Maxmillions awards of 1 million dollars for grabs and two of them were claimed by ticket holders in Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

The jackpot for the next Lotto Max match on November 30 will remain at approximately $ 60 million, but the Maxmillions awards will increase to 35.

November 23, 2018 / 8:21 pm | History:

Deputies sat late on Friday night when the liberal government hurried to get workers back to work.

The impetus came as Ottawa, as well as the smaller cities in Ontario and British Columbia, and Sherbrooke, Que., Became the latest targets of the rotation strikes of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.

MEPs spend most of the day, and early evening discuss a proposal that will allow the House of Commons to quickly cope with a bill submitted on Thursday that will stop the interruption of mail across the country.

This vote was adopted by roll-call vote from 173 to 13 am. The debate was resumed immediately on the bill itself. This debate is expected to last for several hours before it ends with a vote on the legislation sometime during the hours of Saturday morning.

The Senate will then meet on a Saturday, and if necessary on Sunday, it will deal with the bill that will come into force at noon on the eastern day of the day after the king's respect.

Despite the hurry to adopt the legislation, Labor Minister Patti Haydu encouraged Canada's post and CUPW to remain at the negotiating table.

"They can still make a deal," she said.

He added: "Obviously, we would prefer the parties to be able to negotiate a general agreement, but the time has come for us to be ready to take action if they can not."

Haidou refers to the delivery of mail as a "basic service" and said small businesses relying on the postal service to deliver their goods during the busy Christmas season may fail if the situation is not quickly eliminated.

"And when I say a small one, I mean very small, I mean people who know that they sell marmalade or handmade goods that this is the most profitable time of their year and if they can not make their profits at this time of year, they can very well face the end of their business. "

New Democracy Labor Chiefs and Deputies broke the government to undermine the collective bargaining process. The government has removed all incentives for Canadian mail to reach a negotiated settlement now that the agency knows workers will be reinstated by the beginning of next week, they accused.

"The right to strike is an integral part of the collective bargaining process," said Canadian Labor Congress President Hassan Jusuf. "Without it, the employer has no incentive to bargain in good faith, and workers have no opportunity to demand a fair trial."

Canada's post seems to convince Prime Minister Justin Trudo that Christmas will not come without a bill to return to work, added CUPW President Mike Plechek.

"Mail was moving and people knew it," he said. "People get their mail and their online orders, that's the purpose of our rotation stack, not to fight the public."

NDP leader Jiangmeh Singh accused the liberals of hypocrisy, relying on a belief in the right to collective bargaining, while at the same time bringing what he called "the worst, most draconian" legislation to return to work.

"They showed their true face … that this government is not a friend of the working people," Singh said.

New Democrat MPs voted against the proposal to speed up the debate on legislation on work, many of them making a show of leaving the municipalities after the vote, raising their fists with greetings to the post workers who see the public gallery. The voices of those who left the city were not counted.

Six new MEPs stayed in the hall – a representative of the small number the party supported, would have a chance to speak during the next fast-track debate on the bill.

CUPW argues that the bill is unconstitutional and threatens to challenge it in court.

The Union has won a legal challenge against the re-employment legislation imposed on postal workers in 2011 by the previous conservative government. The court ruled in 2016 that by abolishing the right of workers to strike, the bill violated their right to freedom of association and expression.

Haidou claims that her bill is "dramatically different" from the "hard hands" approach adopted by the Harper Government, and takes into account the concerns of both the Union and Canada.

But two independent senators, Francis Lankin and Diane Griffin, wrote Haidou to express concern that the bill may not be constitutional. The two have said that Haidou has promised to give a governmental analysis detailing how the bill violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but has not yet taken place until Friday night.

CUPW members rotate for one month, causing huge delays in unsorted mail and packets at post offices, although Canada Pose and the Union are questioning how big a stick is.

The Canadian Post says it can take weeks to go even further in 2019 to clear up the chaos, especially in the big sorting centers in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

50,000 members of the CUPW, in two groups, insist on better pay for rural and suburban carriers, more workplace security and minimum guaranteed working hours.

November 23, 2018 / 4:43 am | History:

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has tested more than 2000 samples of fresh salads and packaged salads but has not found products containing bacteria in the search for a source of E. coli outbreak.

Aline Dimitri, the deputy head of the Food Safety Agency, said on Friday that the results did not mean that E. coli had emerge from food supplies in Canada. They suggest that if it is, it is at very low levels, she said.

Three more cases of E. coli were confirmed in Ontario and Quebec on Friday, with the total number ranging from mid-October to 22: one in New Brunswick, four in Ontario and 17 in Quebec.

Eight patients were hospitalized and one developed a type of renal failure, particularly in patients with E. coli. The smallest patient is at the age of five and the oldest 93 years.

Many people who get sick in most epidemics are never seeking medical attention, so the number of cases is never known, said Howard Niyo, Canadian Deputy Chief of Public Health.

He said the experts tracking the history of the patients with food found that most sick people who had gotten sick had eaten novelty lettuce in the days that led to their illness.

Tracking a person's food story involves interviewing them about what they ate and where, Njoo said.

He also said it involved acquiring things like loyal grocery shopping cards to help confirm what exactly was purchased and when.

The agency recommends people in these provinces not to eat novelty lettuce and discard everything they still have in their refrigerators. She stops recalling Roman lettuce or telling traders to pull it out of her shelves.

Njoo said the evidence currently does not link the epidemic to any particular product, but if that changes the Canadian warnings. Several retailers voluntarily fired the novel from their shelves in the meantime.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a much wider warning on Tuesday, saying Americans should not eat novels anywhere in the United States, and restaurants should stop serving it.

He also said that the retailers had to remove it from their shelves.

There are already 32 confirmed cases of E. coli in 11 countries, and on Friday the US Food and Drug Administration said the novels involved are likely to come from California because of the growing harvesting patterns.

Canadian companies can make their own assessment of whether to continue selling romalina, Dimitri said on Friday.

According to Njo, the latest illness began on November 1, but the delay in communication meant that the agency did not know about it until this week.

The shelf life of the Romans is four to five weeks, he said, adding that the agency still warns people to drop the lettuce.

This is at least the third E. coli outbreak associated with leafy vegetables in the US and Canada over the past two years.

The current outbreak has the same DNA markers as the E. coli strain in November and December 2017, related to leafy vegetables in the United States and Roma lettuce in Canada.

In this epidemic, 42 cases of E. coli were reported in Canada in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador. Seventeen people were hospitalized and one person died.

The cause of contamination has never been identified in this outbreak, although Roma lettuce has been eaten by many patients before they get sick.

Earlier this year, about 200 people in 35 US countries got sick of E. coli associated with Roma lettuce grown in Arizona, but this strain of E. coli is different from the one seen in autumn this fall.

November 23, 2018 / 4:40 pm | History:

Alberta's Prime Minister Rachel Notley says she is disappointed with Ottawa's cool response to the country's plan to relieve oil congestion by buying more rail wagons.

She says it is simple to reject the purchased railway wagons, saying they probably will not arrive until a pipeline extension is built.

Oil Albert currently sells at a discount of about $ 45 a barrel due to oil fool because of the lack of pipeline capacity.

Notty offers Ottawa to invest in the sale of oil for railroad cars in the meantime and as a hedge against future shipping problems.

Nell says that Prime Minister Justin Trudo, who spent the day at Calgary on Thursday, left Alberta a better idea of ​​how crucial the matter was than when it arrived.

She also thanked the people who said they helped her respond when they closed part of the Calgary city center for a rally during Trudo's visit.

Alberta can continue to buy rail cars with or without the federal government, she said on Friday after a news release at Edmonton.

"The government of Alberta will do what it needs to do, whether we do it alone or with Ottawa's support," she said. "Perhaps it is wise to come to the table.

Nisley plans a trip to Ottawa and Toronto next week for meetings and speeches to try to keep the federal government's front burner pipeline.

She said the difference in price between Canadian and US crude oil costs the country's economy $ 80 million a day.

Trudo said in Calgary that the federal government is doing everything possible to build the extension of the Trans Mountain pipeline, which will triple the capacity of the line to transport oil to tankers on the west coast.

The federal government bought Trans Montana and its $ 4.5 billion expansion project last summer just to cancel the approval of the Federal Appellate Court. The court indicated the inadequate local consultation and the failure to consider the impact on the marine environment.

23 ноември 2018 г. / 4:13 ч | История:

Трима работници в бижутерийни заводи са използвали мечове, за да се справят с четирима крадци по време на опит за грабеж в Мисасауа, Онта, каза полицията.

Конст. Дани Мартини каза, че инцидентът се е състоял около 12:15 часа. в сряда в "Ашок бижутери", когато четирима маскирани заподозрени излязоха от камион и един човек започна да разбива прозорците на магазина.

Видео наблюдение, освободено от полицията в опит да се идентифицират заподозрените, показва, че един човек скача в магазина, преди трима служители да го забъркат с изтеглени мечове.

Друг заподозрян дърпа човека зад магазина през счупения прозорец, когато служителите се отдръпват с мечове – един от служителите падна, докато размахваше меча си.

– Това може да е станало погрешно по много начини – каза Мартини.

Един от заподозрените посочи пистолет в магазина. След това заподозрените избягаха, влязоха в камиона си и излязоха през червена светлина, като едва се изгубиха сблъсък с два транспортни камиона.

"Не знам как не са убивали себе си или някой друг по този въпрос", каза Мартини за заподозрените, които оставиха празни ръце.

Полицията смята, че трима от заподозрените са мъже и не са сигурни за четвъртото. Колата на бягството е тъмно оцветена Dodge Durango, каза тя.

Въпреки успешните усилия на служителите, Мартини каза, че е най-добре да остави борбата с престъпността на полицията.

"Ние не одобряваме насилието за борба с насилието", каза тя. – По-добре е да се спасите от имота си. Вашият живот е по-важен от бижутата.

В края на юли трима маскирани мъже забиха микробус в друг магазин за бижута в Мисасауга и излязоха със стоки от 100 000 долара.

Собственикът на магазина, Балдев Маняния, каза, че смята, че съпругата му ще бъде застреляна по време на грабеж, затова хвана меча и избяга след заподозрените, когато тръгнаха.

В този случай заподозрените се качиха в колата си за бягство и излязоха навън.

"Отидох да си взема меча, защото трябваше да направя нещо, за да спася семейството си", каза по това време Маняния.

Мартини каза, че нямат информация, която да показва, че двата инцидента са свързани.

23 ноември 2018 / 4:05 ч | История:

Един възрастен човек стартира още едно предизвикателство за загубата на гражданство и потенциалното му депортиране заради лъжата на канадските власти за членството му в отряд за нацистка смърт от Втората световна война.

Известието за обжалване от страна на Хелмут Оберландър идва, въпреки че съдия от Федералния съд неотдавна обяви, че Отава е действала разумно по делото и е ограничила способността му да обжалва.

Адвокатите на Oberlander, на 94-годишна възраст от Waterloo, Ont., Отказаха в петък да обсъдят известието за обжалване, подадено тази седмица, така че правните основания на тяхното действие не бяха незабавно очевидни.

Въпреки това, в писмо, изпратено до съда, федералното правителство изясни, че възразява срещу подаването. Освен това в писмото се иска от Федералния апелативен съд регистрацията да бъде обжалвана пред съда.

Роденият в Украйна Oberlander, който дойде в Канада през 1954 г. и стана гражданин шест години по-късно, твърдо заяви, че е бил само на 17 години, когато бил принуден да бъде екзекутиран, за да се присъедини към нацисткия отряд Einsatzkommando 10a, известен като Ek 10a. Отборът е отговорен за убийството на близо 100 000 души, предимно евреи.

През юни 2017 г. правителството оттегли гражданството на пенсионера за четвърти път от средата на 90-те години на миналия век, което доведе до настоящите му усилия да предотврати депортирането.

По-рано този месец съдия от Федералния съд Майкъл Фелан отмени пребиваването си по по-ранното си решение, че правителството е разумно при свалянето на гражданство от Oberlander. Фелан открил, че Oberlander е представял неправилно своите военновременни дейности, макар да няма доказателства, че е участвал в зверства.

"Безспорно е, че Oberlander е получил канадското си гражданство чрез фалшиво представителство или чрез съзнателно прикриване на съществени обстоятелства, като не е разкрил участие в SS по време на неговия имиграционен преглед", пише Фелан. "Няма съмнение, че това би довело до отхвърляне на молбата му за гражданство".

Фелан също отказва да "удостовери сериозен въпрос от общо значение", който би позволил на Oberlander да обжалва основателността на самия акт съгласно имиграционния закон.

Oberlander все още може да убеди Федералния апелативен съд да изслуша случая на основания извън Закона за имиграцията, но висшият съд като цяло чуе само част от делата, решени от Федералния съд.

През септември министърът на имиграцията Ахмед Хюсен заяви, че Канада никога няма да бъде "безопасно убежище за военнопрестъпници и хора, обвинени в престъпления, които са извършили престъпления срещу човечеството".

23 ноември 2018 / 12:19 ч | История:

Един шофьор на камион казва, че може би е имал близка среща с вида "Дядо Коледа", след като е забелязал онова, което изглеждало като елен на Дядо Коледа, на снежна покрита магистрала в Нюфаундленд.

Джейсън Уайт казва, че на Транска Канада е спряло стадо от около десетина карибу, леко сняг, падащ около тях, в близост до Deer Lake четвъртък сутринта.

"Обикновено виждаме много лосове, но това е първата кариба, в която се натъкнах, особено в стадата", каза той в петък сутринта.

White, шофьор на доставка за Ice Block of Conception Bay South, изстреля видео на стадото и го изпрати на страницата си във Facebook, за да покаже на децата си – особено на малкия си син, който е почти на две години.

До обяд в петък видеоклипът бе гледан на около 3800 пъти на социалните медии.

Уайт каза на пост, че той е можел да бъде изгубен на западния бряг на Нюфаундленд.

"Това беше първото нещо, което си помислих: имам три деца и най-младият ми е почти на две години, така че Коледа отново се е преродила, така че веднага щом ги видях, казах:" О, боже мой, трябва да получа видео на това ", каза той.

Уайт каза, че по това време няма друг трафик, за да може да се приближи.

Той каза, че малкото му момче е развълнувано да гледа видеото.

"Трябваше да го играя за него около 10 пъти снощи, когато се прибрах от работа."

Уайт каза, че е бил завладян от реакцията на видеото и казва, че някои местни родители се грижат да покажат на децата си.

"Много хора показват децата си и им казвам, че трябва да сте добри, защото Дядо Коледа е близо … тук е неговият елени".

23 ноември 2018 г. / 9:19 ч | История:

Армията на спасението казва, че ротационните стачки в "Канадски пост" са довели до драстичен спад на даренията за благотворителността в средата на критичния празничен сезон.

Говорителят на благотворителната организация John McAlister твърди, че обикновено получава повечето от даренията през ноември и декември, но тази година купчината от пликове, които идват, изглежда много по-малка.

Макларън обвини ротативните пощи за понижение с 40% в броя на даренията, които програмата за директни писма е получила досега.

Прекъсвания на пощенската услуга са настъпили от 22 октомври, когато членовете на Канадския съюз на пощенските работници започнаха да въртят ротационни стъпки, за да настояват за договорните си искания.

Работата по време на работа е причинила забавяне и увеличаване на количествата несортирана поща и пакети в пощенските складове.

Маклалистър казва, че спадът в даренията поставя натиск върху 1,7 милиона души, които благотворителността помага годишно.

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