Thursday , July 29 2021

Overwatch Visualizes Torbjörn's Unbelievable New Skin for Year of the Swine

The Overwatch Lunar New Year event begins on January 24, and the latest skin shown to the fans is awesome, called "Zhang Fei" for Torbjörn.

The Lunar New Year event occurs at Overwatch at about the same time every year and hitherto, for Hanzo, Reinhardt, Reaper, and now Torbjorn are revealed.

It seems that Blizzard has founded this year's skins of characters from the Chinese novel "Romance of the Three Realms" of the 14th century.

The skin, like Hanzo and Reinhardt, gives Torb an even more impressive beard than usual and makes it look like some Capture the Flag.

The new skin gives Torb the claw on the head of the dragon and the hammer's nose that really help him fit into the general theme of the lunar New Year.

Even his dome has been turned into weapons, with guns and a look that fits right into all the other heroes of the event.

Overwatch's Moonlight New Year starts on Thursday, January 24th and runs through Monday, February 18th.

As the start of the event falls on Thursday this year, players have to wait to win their Arcade Mode carts until then to get the lead for skins, sprays and other cosmetics for this year's event.

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