Sunday , January 24 2021

Overwatch winter update brings festive, Furry skins, but a little bit different

OverwatchThe annual Winter Wonderland event is back, which means snow balls, festive joy and drugs or anything but mostly skins. This year all are hairy, except for Mills, who it is World of elf.

Here's everyone in their new holidays:

Personally, I'm a big fan of watching Dukrat Krampe, but everything else terrifies me like I am. Then maybe I just feel Grinch and Blizzard's decision to ring the holidays with the same old cards and regimes as last year. Mei's Snowball Offense and Yeti Hunter are such novelties that get old fast, so I'll probably pass them this year. Moreover, Widowmaker's new skin makes me bad Want Widowmaker snowboard mini games where you should also headshot people. So you know the guy is in the house, Blizzard.

That said, Torbjorn's new smile – who sees him open a gift box to find a bunch of bouncing baby towers – practically justifies the event by itself.

My cold, terrible heart: it is melted.

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