Wednesday , June 16 2021

Paige says she hit Rock Bottom after sex tape expires

WWE Superstar Paige talks with New York Post this week as part of her promotion for her upcoming film, Fight with my family,

Her story with Post has stretched from the earliest days of her career at the age of 13 until today and one of the most interesting tangents is when she describes her way of thinking in 2017.

At that time, the former WWE Divas champion was paused by WWE after being suspended twice by the company for violating his health policy and recovery from neck surgery. On top of that, in March 2017, hackers missed a series of illegal sex cassettes on the Page online. Paige said that after leaking information, she went down to depression, describing her as a "bottom".

"Being publicly humiliated like this was terrible and I do not want that for anybody," Paige said.

"I did not go to work, I did nothing, I felt so long," she added.

But, as she hinted in the episode of WWE Chronicle documentary series, Paige started to turn things around after a casual encounter with a young fan. She explained that an occasional day when she was in a grocery store in Texas, she turned to her from a female fan who was only about seven years old.

"Of course, she did not have the internet, and she thought I was the most beautiful and successful woman in the world," she said. "It opened my eyes for so many things, I was like," Will I let the videos stop me from doing things? ""

"I thought what I was doing, I had to be successful for her, my whole journey was supposed to inspire people," she continued.

She was finally forced to return to a race during the ring in September 2017, and at the end of November she made a surprise performance of Raw as the leader of a new female faction, Absolution. She made her return to the ring on Dec. 4, but less than a month later she suffered a trauma that ended her career after a kick in the back of her head hurt her.

Paige announced his retirement after the night WrestleMania 34, but continued to be a weekly symbol on the screen each week SmackDown Live Governor.

McMahon's family has deprived Paige of her position in December, but she is still in the company.

Fight with my family Theater hits on February 22.

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