Thursday , June 17 2021

Pascal Siakam marks 44 when Raptors walks past Wizards

TORONTO – Pascal Siakam had 44 points and OG Anunoby added 22, both career tips, like the Toronto Raptors united to determine the Washington Wizards 129-120 on Wednesday for his sixth straight victory.

Kawhi Leonard (knee pain) has disappeared, but recently acquired guard Jeremy Lynn was for Raptors (43-16) in an improvised lineup.

By the end of the early 10th, Washington was six in a half higher and led the lead to 12 in the third at 80-68. But with Toronto's 20-2 with Kyle Lowry, who was on the way, he turned back and back.

Raptors, hardening their defenses, surpassed Wizards 44-28 in the third to 103-93.

Washington (24-34) continued to go back to get closer to 112-111. But Laurie and Siakam retreated from 7-0 and Toronto held the rest of the way while the Wizard Fightback faded.

This was the last match for both teams before the break of all the stars. Raptors and Wizards continue to play on February 22, with Toronto welcoming DeMar DeRozan and San Antonio Spurs.

Both teams had six players in double digits.

Bradley Biel and Jeff Green were leading Washington with 28 and 23, respectively. Jabari Parker had 22.

Laurie had 14 points and 13 assists. Lin finished with eight points, five assists and five rebounds.

Siakam's previous career was 33 points with Anunobi on 21. Siakam, who scored 30 points in the second half, added 10 rebounds and two assists.

Toronto's 43th victories before the premiere of the stars are the franchise record. Raptors have won 13 of their last 14 at the Scotiabank Arena and are 24-5 at home this season.

The wizards, lost on Monday, 121-112 in Detroit, lost five of their last seven. Toronto was the third stop of a four-way trip.

Nick Sister begins Laurie, Siakam, Norman Powell, Danny Greene and Serge Ibakka.

Laurie came out hot, feeding Siaakam for dipping and green for a walk through the alley. The Wizards, meanwhile, missed their first six shots, with Toronto opening the lead by 10 points to 12-2 before collecting to cut the line to 16-14.

Lynn was applauding, a little more than four minutes in the first quarter. He quickly stole the ball, only to turn it into a quick rest. His first assistant, like Raptor, led to a Green Three-way Arrow.

Toronto led 30-26 at the end of the first quarter with Siakam (11) and Green (7), combining 18 points.

But Washington surpassed Toronto with 39-29 to lead 65-59 after an uneven second quarter saw Raptors struck only 11 out of 30 shots.

Raptors missed their first five strokes before Lynn opened his account with a drive.

Toronto's mood went from bad to worse when Laurie was called for a rough foul, Powell made a foul of three shots, and the sister, unlucky in the judging, was hit with a technical delay. Laurie headed to the bench with her third foul.

While Leonard was seated for the second time in four left-knee pains, Lynn made a debut on Raptors after landing earlier in the day. The former Atlanta Hawk moved immediately back to Laurie's backup position, and Fred Van lelay stepped back from a thumbs-up injury (VanVleet underwent surgery and would have a bus for another three weeks).

Lin, a nine-year-old NBA veteran attending Harvard, wore number 17, belonging to Jonas Valenciunas, who had recently left, now with Memphis.

His debut in Toronto came seven years and one day after he sank into a memorable three-time final of the last buzzer that gave New York Knicks 90-87 victory over the Raptors.

Leonard, who leads the team with 27.0 points, plays in 43 of Raptors 59 games this season – missing 10 for rest / load management, two for bruises on the right thigh, two for left ankle pain and two due to knee.

He saw action in only nine Tottenham matches last season due to a four-way injury

Mark Gassol played his third match in the colors of Raptors. Patrick McCau missed the wounded right shoulder.

Leonard voted as a starter and Laurie, a spare dude, is part of all the stars this weekend in Charlotte. Anunoby is headed to play Rising Stars with Green, taking part in the three-point shootout.

Washington is without Dwight Howard (back surgery), John Wol (the left tears of the Achilles tendon), Troy Brown Jr. (left ankle sprain) and Thomas Sattorans (personal reasons).

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