Sunday , June 13 2021

#PayDecker: Female hockey star to get paid after NHL comp success skills

US women's hockey star Brianne Deker showed everyone how to make the challenge of going to the NHL star race on Friday evening in San Jose.

As she "demonstrates" the premiere, her time – unofficially late three seconds faster than the best male time – is not counted, but a hockey apparel company joined the social media campaign to recognize the Americans .

Decker's one-and-a-half-hour time was reflected by social media fans because it was not in time from NHL.

The official winner was the Edmonton Oilers Leon Draissaittel, which was held at 1:09.

WATCH | Leon Draisaitl competes in the challenge:

Oilers attacked the Premier NHL at 1: 09.088. 01:28

The winner of this event had to get $ 25,000 US – which the CCM Hockey promised to give her on Saturday.

Originally, the fact that he was given to Draisaitl did not sit well with some hockey fans who pointed out that Decker might be better off using the money when compared to the $ 9 million Oilers star contract per year.

This caused a hash #PayDecker:

Canadian hockey star Jayna Hefford also supported the mood:

Draisaitl also said Hockey News he did not know that Decker had a better time – and he was quite impressed:

Decker's performance was just one example of the night in San Jose about how impressive the women are.

Earlier, Decker Kendall's co-star Coyne Schofield became the first woman to ever compete in the NHL all-star race on Friday night. Filling for Avalan's star Nathan McKinn, she competed around the slalom at a time competing with the best skaters in the men's game at another barrier to female hockey.

WATCH | Kendall Coyne Schofield steals the show in the fastest skater:

The Americans made history on Friday, becoming the first woman to compete in the NHL skill race when competing around the ice in the race for a faster skater. 01:11

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